Totally Deranged Punk Havoc – Hair-Raising Debut Album ‘LOOKING FOR DANGER’ By MORON’S MORONS

1 July 2020

Band: Moron’s Morons
Who: Psychotic punk desperadoes from Warsaw, Poland
Album: Looking For Danger  – the wacko’s debut longplayer
Released: 20 March 2020
Info: “At long last, the first full-length Moron’s Morons is here and shitting all over everything you thought you knew about ‘punk rock.’ As iconoclasts in the genre, the band have concocted a rather challenging and unique album. Juvenile silliness has never reigned so supreme on a longplayer saturated with such noisy obnoxious violence that burns so bad you’ll be begging for a double shot of penicillin before you get a chance to flip it over!”

Key phrase: if you can survive this blitzkrieg pandemonium you can survive anything

Key references: Dead Kennedy’s, Ministry, MC5, Misfits, Black Flag
Keywords: straitjacket insanity, mental riff exorcism, nasty punk racket, moronic n-o-i-s-e
Key tracks: find out for yourself, folks

Kick Out the Jams here…


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