SPIRITUALIZED Released Underated ‘AMAZING GRACE’ Longplayer 15 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

7 September 2018


Album: AMAZING GRACE – fifth longplayer

Released: 8 September 2003

ALL MUSIC wrote: “After the arduous process of making 2001’s hyper-orchestrated ‘Let It
Come Down’ and hearing the fierce, back-to-basics rock of bands like ‘The White Stripes’ and ‘Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’, Jason Pierce vowed that the next ‘Spiritualized’ album would be
a departure from the excesses of his previous efforts. In some aspects, Amazing Grace makes good on his word: right down to its cover art, a photo of a naked arm, free of any ornament
(or track marks), the album makes a show of its simplicity…”
– Score 3.5/5 – Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: Although the critics weren’t really excited by this LP
I think it’s one of Jason Pierce‘s most fervent performances. Several of his spiritual
space blues symphonies on ‘Amazing Grace‘ still make a firm impact on my ears
and mind today. Most of all: This Little Life Of Mine / She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit) /
Hold On / Never Goin’ Back / Lord Let It Rain On Me
and Cheapster

ALBUM in full…

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(photo by Turn Up The Volume! – Amsterdam 2015)

SPIRITUALIZED – Stream Brand New Soul-Searching Album ‘AND NOTHING HURT’ Right Here…

30 August 2018

JASON PIERCE‘s symphonic orchestra SPIRITUALIZED first album in over six years, entitled AND NOTHING HURT will see the day of light on 7 September. But thanks to NPR MUSIC you can have already a ‘first listen’ accompanied by a short review. Click and join Pierce‘s new soul-searching journey right here… Stream New Spiritualized Album.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

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SPIRITUALIZED Drops Another Romantic Track From New Album – Here’s ‘HERE IT COMES (THE ROAD) LET’S GO’…

Brand new sonic impulses

Space junk Jason Pierce and SPIRITUALIZED will launch their first album in six years, entitled ‘AND NOTHING HURT‘ on September 7. After sharing previous pensive single
I’m Your Man early June, here’s another new moony reflection. HERE IT COMES (THE ROAD) LET’S GO is a melancholic daydream about losing yourself out in this troubled world. Atmospheric, cinematic and symphonic. It’s vintage Spiritualized romanticism.

Catch the downhearted mood right here…

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JASON PIERCE’s SPIRITUALIZED Drops First New Track From Upcoming September Album – Here’s I’M YOUR MAN…

Brand new sonic impulses

11 June 2018

JASON PIERCE‘s musical alias SPIRITUALIZED will release its first longplayer in six years, entitled ‘AND NOTHING HURT‘ on September 7. Here’s the first new track I’M YOUR MAN.
A love ballad with some elevating moments when horns are added and midway when a solo guitar sequence injects this new cut with sparkling vitality. Listen/watch here with SPACEMAN Pierce behind the wheel…

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