Nu Metal Punks FAITH NO MORE Released 4th Album ‘ANGEL DUST’ 30 Years Ago

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8 June 2022

Who: Nu punk-metal heroes from San Francisco, led by Mike Patton
Active: 1979–1998, 2009–present / 7 studio LPs

Anniversary album: ANGEL DUST – their 4th LP
Released: 8 June 1992 – 30 years ago today
Score: #9 in the US, #2 in the UK, #4 in Australia

AllMusic: “Angel Dust steps up the meta-metal of earlier days with the expected puree of other influences, further touched by an almost cinematic sense of storming atmosphere… Patton’s voice is stronger and downright smooth at many points throughout, the musicians collectively still know their stuff, and the result is twisted entertainment at its finest.” Score: 4.5/5.

Singles/clips: Midlife Crisis / Easy / A Small Victory


– EASY –


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Billy Gould (bassist) about the upsetting back sleeve artwork: “It’s really
aggressive and disturbing and then really soothing. It’s the beautiful with the sick.”


Amazing Artwork! Covers Of ‘ANGEL DUST’ By FAITH NO MORE 30 Years Ago

For your eyes only

Band: FAITH NO MORE (San Francisco)
Active: 1979–1998, 2009–present / 7 studio LPs

Artwork: Covers – front and back – of their 4th LP
Angel Dust, released 30 years ago this year (8 June).

Roddy Bottum (keyboardist) came up with the album’s title and explains the artwork:

“It’s a really beautiful name for a really hideous drug and that should make people think. Similarly, the artwork contrasted one beautiful image with a gruesome one by depicting a
soft blue airbrushed great egret on the front cover (photographed by Werner Krutein) while
on the back is an image of a cow hanging on a meat hook (created by Mark Burnstein).”

Key single: Midlife Crisis

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