Amazing Artwork! Covers Of ‘ANGEL DUST’ By FAITH NO MORE 30 Years Ago

For your eyes only

Band: FAITH NO MORE (San Francisco)
Active: 1979–1998, 2009–present / 7 studio LPs

Artwork: Covers – front and back – of their 4th LP
Angel Dust, released 30 years ago this year (8 June).

Roddy Bottum (keyboardist) came up with the album’s title and explains the artwork:

“It’s a really beautiful name for a really hideous drug and that should make people think. Similarly, the artwork contrasted one beautiful image with a gruesome one by depicting a
soft blue airbrushed great egret on the front cover (photographed by Werner Krutein) while
on the back is an image of a cow hanging on a meat hook (created by Mark Burnstein).”

Key single: Midlife Crisis

FAITH NO MORE: All Albums – Story

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