Biblical Darkwave Tension – Debut Single By Haunting Duo HVIRESS Has Arrived

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7 June 2021

Band: HVIRESS (pronounced ‘Heiress’)
Who: A dark British electronic concoction of
myth and magic from duo Mishkin Fitzgerald/Hana Piranha
FFO: Goldfrapp, Portishead, Queen Adreena, Puscifer,
How To Destroy Angels, Carina Round

Debut single: ARRIVAL
Info: “The song, a scathing attack on political and religious hypocrisy,
is the first showcase of what these two women can offer as a dual-fronted
duo. Combining the strength of Mishkin’s vocal (described as a “beautifully-
wrought, mournful take on Patrick Wolf and Regina Spector”) with the snarling
aggression that has become a trademark feature of Hana’s style.”

Score: Biblical references help Hviress‘ reflect their view on our troubled
planet ruled by political and religious charlatans. The tone is ominous, the
timbre is spooky, the sound is intimidating, the vocals are dangerously seducing.
Arrival progresses slowly and threateningly causing a nightmarish experience
reminiscent of the meditative moments of darkwave Goths Within Temptation
and Nightwish.

The accompanying video is shot by Scott Chalmers, master of the macabre,
which unites a chilling twist on a pagan Triple Goddess theme with an
unapologetic black and white performance from both women.


HVIRESS: Facebook

(images via Super Scurry Music)