THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 32

What happened this past week…

Turn Up The Volume‘s selection of
7 firecrackers from the past 7 days.

This week’s Magnificent Seven on Spotify

1. ‘Not Alone But Not With You’ by ARXX (Brighton, UK)
Rollicking-riff-rocker from start to finish. These two frisky Brighton amazons know
how to make your head spin 360°. Touchdown. Just added it to my end-of-the-year list.

2. ‘Horse Latitudes’ by VOKA GENTLE (Wigan, UK)
Identity crisis? Play this punked-up, sickly sticky steamroller on repeat. I’m
sure it will help to find your way, and it’s so much cheaper than therapy.

3. ‘Before You Gotta Go’ by COURTNEY BARNETT (Australia)
An impossible-to-resist earworm from her new, upcoming album.
Things Take Time, Take Time, out 12th November

4. ‘Future Stuff’ by JONFIN (Chicago, US)
Imagine the Lemonheads getting under your skin with a jiving
jingle jangle vibe like this. Yes, pretty ear-pleasing stuff. Score!

Frank advises everybody to smash their TV and get a tattoo. Sounds like big fun. This bangtastic jackhammer is part of his upcoming longplayer Sticky. Out on 15 October.

6. ‘No Regrets’ by SHE/BEAST (Malmö, Sweden)
For smooth romantic tunes like these, Wurlitzer jukeboxes were invented so
these humdingers could be played in shadowy bars downtown at midnight.

7. ‘Harmonizer’ by TY SEGALL (Los Angeles)
Fuzzing and buzzing title track from the album that fell out of
the blue sonic sky without a warning. That’s Ty Segall for you, folks.

See/hear you next week, music junkies

Two X’s! One Big Sound! Brighton’s ARXX Debute With Glowing EP ‘DAUGTHERS OF DAUGTHERS’…

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

15 March 2018

HOME: Brighton, UK
WHO: ‘Hannah and Clara are a garage rock gal pal duo. This is
what they do when they’re not in the kitchen. Two Women. Two X’s.
One Big sound.’

INFLUENCES: “Haim, Deap Vally, Joan Jett, Kate Nash,
Dolly Parton, Adele, Cher, P!nk, Tracey Emin.”

SCORE: This loud and clear female garage rock tandem hits bull’s-eye with their explosive 6-track debut EP. Hannah and Clara rock fiercely and roll frantically with an overall raw sonic swagger, a blues injected bravado, an ardent catchiness and clear-cut vocals. DIY hullabaloo with a troubled heart, a red-hot soul and a striking flamboyance. Staggering stuff! Six killers, no fillers. Convince your hungry ears right here, right now…

ARXX: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter