Sensitive Starry-Eyed Magic – Here’s Amazing Voice ASHLEY RAY With Her Majestic Ballad ‘JUST A HOUSE’

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23 August 2020

ASHLEY RAY is an alluring country-folk-Americana artist from the all-time legendary music town of Nashville. She released her notable album Pauline a few weeks ago. A marvelous work of high-quality songwriting. Riveting, enchanting, and an overall vocal exploit. Once you heard Ray‘s heart-rending voice you are gloriously charmed.

One of the longplayer’s highlights is JUST A HOUSE.
A goosebumps ballad that moves your heart and soul.
Tender and tantalizing with a sensitive Linda Ronstadt
touch. Starry-eyed magic.

These 4 walls are runnin’ out o’ days /Can’t be what it was
Even if you stay / It’s another lonely winter
If ya never leave / Can’t take it up to heaven
Mama, can’t you see / That it’s just a house
It’s just a house

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