Brooklyn Funks Up Brussels – GUSTAF Show Glittering Gripping Guts In Belgium

15 November 2021

Who: Swirling 5-piece from Brooklyn
led by Riot Grrrl Lydia Gammil

Brooklyn Vegan: “There are a lot of bands making arty post-punk, but
very few who have a front person as magnetic, funny, and occasionally,
scary as GUSTAF’S Lydia Gammil.”

I was looking forward to this gig for a long time, well actually since I heard this hot hit
team for the first time with their sassy single Book and when their stunning debut album
Audio Drag For Ego Slobs – released early October – tested my stereo’s resilience I was totally sold. Imagine head-spinning Strokes riffs, dance-adrenalized B-52‘s razzmatazz and early Parquet Courts jingle-jangle jaggedness. Sounds pretty awesome, right? You betcha.

Yesterday night the 4 pumped-up Amazons and one glitter jacket boy showed their gripping guts and their funktastic swagger with a non-stop edged post-punk-disco exhibition in Brussels.

And yes, glamorous front punkette Gammil is soemthing else. She jumped on stage
with that early John Rotten stare and started sneering about her former boyfriend’s
dog, her best behavior, and spitting gibberish like “I don’t wanna ruh ruh, I don’t come
to repeat, get ready cause I won’t ruh, ruh blearghhhh”.

Meanwhile, the bassist pumps up the jam, the glitter boy produces motorik Tom Verlaine riffs, the drummer beats relentlessly and in front of me, Tarra Thiessen moves in sensual ways while hitting a series of small rattling stuff, from a cowbell to metal shakers and lots of other pit-a-pat items in between.

Here’s an idea of the Gustaf vibe…

No excuses whatsoever to not purchase their debut LP via Bandcamp…

GUSTAF: Facebook

All you need for a rattling party

(Live pics by Turn Up The Volume)