10o’CLOCK CHEMICAL – British Electro Pop Force Scores With Debut Single ‘BABYLON IS FALLEN’…

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1 March 2018

Home: Stoke-On-Trent, England
Who: “A quartet that met through Stoke On Trent’s local music scene, sharing a deep love for rock and electronica. In addition to the core lineup is a mysterious cyber entity called Zed, who carries administrative duties for the band.”
Pick: BABYLON IS FALLEN – Debut single written by singer Rhys “about the cultural malaise that has led to a culture that it’s easy to be cynical of. With production by electronica wizard Matt Johnson (worked on Jamiroquai’s latest album ‘Automaton’) and mixed by Adrian Bushby (Muse, Foo Fighters, etc) it’s as slick a debut single as any band could hope for.”

Score: here’s a whirling mix of electronic grinta and stimulating pop richness, pushed by an adventurous rollercoaster drive, playful harmonies and a powerful chorus. The songs’ story also reveals these youngsters’ social awareness, always a welcome bonus in my book. Overall this debut is an impressive achievement. Get ready for a multi-layered
and cleverly composed injection of sonic adrenaline, in sound as well as in vision…

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