Blue Beauty – Enjoy ‘BAD DAY’ By Chicago Songstress LOU HENEISE

Gripping reveries for the laziest day of the week…

28 March 2021

Discover heartrending singer-songwriter LOU HENEISE, an American singer-songwriter with roots in the city of Chicago, the rolling farmland of the Midwest, and the Bible Belt of the South.

Her debut EP Trial & Erroras introspective and earnest as it is catchy, capturing the American heartbeat – arrives April 9th. Lead-single BAD DAY foretells that something special is coming. It’s a musing and touchy Americana daydream with Heneise‘s glowing voice drawing all the aural attention, although her galvanizing guitar play is pretty persuasive too. This is a sweet little pearl with an unwinding effect. A blue beauty.

Enjoy here…

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