Californian Team BITE ME BAMBI Start Ska Beach Parties With Ecstatic GO GO’S Cover

22 July 2021

Band: BITE ME BAMBI (what a name!)
Who: Ska/Pop/Punk team from Orange County, CA. They bring
sounds reminiscent of British 2 Tone and 3rd wave ska into the
21st century. With energetic songs and masterful musicianship,
BMB gets the crowd on their feet and dancing.

Cover of L.A. legends The Go-Go’s.

“We wanted a fun summer song and have always wanted to do a Go Go’s song.
We had initially planned to do the song during Covid, but it got lost in the shuffle
of other tunes. Terry Hall from ska legends The Specials co-wrote the song with
Jane Wiedlan so we thought it would be a cool one to make into a Ska song. As
it turned out, we ended up recording it pretty close to the 40 year anniversary of
the release date of the original, and the induction of the Go Go’s to the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame.

Turn Up The Volume:
Leave your ghost town and come to Orange County
where Bite Me Bambi throw Ska parties at the beach with shake-and-bake
crackers like this swinging cover of Go Go‘s ecstatic 1981 knockout. BMB
have the beauty and the beat. Time to get up, stand up and fight for your
right to dance without falling over your feet.

Right here, right now

The original version…


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(group photo via Earshot Media)