Ho99o9 Hate Techno Shit – Listen To Sucker Punch Slam ‘BATTERY NOT INCLUDED’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

23 January 2022

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Band: Ho99o9
Who: Badass rapping poet punks
based in Los Angeles.

Active: Since 2012 / So far they only released one
album United States Of Horror released in 2017,
but several EPs and mixtapes.

A new LP is expectstrong>New single:ed, but no details so far.

The band about the new track: “There’s only but so much mental & physical affliction + oppression the human psyche can indoor before they reach the pinnacle of no return. I think we’ve all had our moments where we’re fed up, our mind isn’t rational, our eyesight is only seeing red and within that sequence, emotions can get the best of us, if any. The first single is aimed to focus on once past the conscience state of no return anything is liable to happen
when pushed past your limits.”

Ever had an electric chair experience?
Me neither, but I’m sure it sounds
like this…

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