Move And Groove All Night Long To 24-Hour-Party People Anthem ‘SUNLIGHT’ By London’s BAYTREES

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


Who: Indie pop quartet from Brixton, London

Pick: SUNLIGHT – A song about people coming together,
dancing, drinking, and living life with a new sense of appreciation.

Score: You want to move and groove all night long? Well, London’s Baytrees have
the perfect 24-hour-party people anthem to start and end your mad-for-it wingding marathon. ‘Sunlight‘ balances somewhere between Last Night The DJ Saved My Life and Superfreak triggering your hips’ movements until the birds start to sing and the orange-colored sun comes up. I’m sure you know that vivifying feel. A mix of sonic ecstasy and mouthwatering cocktails. A Gloria Gayner ‘I Will Survive‘ flare-up.

No time to waste, follow the band’s footsteps right here and go out of your mind

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