God Save The Queen Anno 2019 – Here’s BEANS ON TOAST With New Single ‘ENGLAND, I LOVE YOU’…

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11 November 2019

There’s No Future In England’s Dreaming

Do you remember/know that immortal line from the Sex Pistols‘ razor-sharp 1977 anti-monarchy bomb ‘God Save The Queen’? Well, as we all know, except for all those patriotic Brexit idolaters, of course, it’s awfully clear that the UK’s future is in big trouble once again and cult folk singer and politically outspoken troubadour BEANS ON TOAST has written a most fitting catchy song about it with similar Johnny Rotten sentiments, but reflecting the mad state of the fascist regime anno 2019.

This time, rightly so, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Trump-like bully and schizophrenic narcissist who still thinks The Great British Empire is a reality, is the undeniable scapegoat, not that old, powerless and unworldly wax puppet who hides in Buckingham Palace.

ENGLAND, I LOVE YOU is a full spot-on lullaby-like humdinger describing Great-Britain‘s terribly hazardous situation today perfectly well. Mind you, it’s just like Johnny Rotten said about his anthem back then, ‘England, I Love You’ is actually a love song. Beans On Toast loves his homeland but not in this severely divided way, not with nationalist cheaters in charge, not with hate preaching politicians who want to isolate this magnificent country.

Press play, sing-along, and hope for the best…


New LP THE INEVITABLE TRAIN WRECK, including this single, out 1 December – info here