Dance With Eccentric Synth Punks SHOULDIES In ‘BED’…

aDaily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

8 February 2019


Who: Three Atlanta-based lifelong musical friends forming a band in 2017 “to serve darkwave to the buttcracks and crevices of the city’s sprawling highways and bigots, dance
on the ghost of your face as you sit in the 5 o’clock traffic, whisper in your ear when you frequent, yet again, that bar with the shitty men
.” Sounds interesting.

Track: BED – single from upcoming debut LP, titled ‘:)’ !!.

Score: Eccentric, manic and ass-kicking. These are the keywords for this one minute and twenty seconds of neurotic synth wackiness. Centered around a high-strung electro beat, with loony vocals all over it, this anxiety-induced love ebullition will activate every nerve in your body. They should call this electronic bedroom funk. Wake up, tune in and go gaga…

SHOULDIES: Facebook – instagram

Debut album : ) out 8 March via NeverNotGoth (a new Graveface imprint) Details here

Waking Up In The Morning With… bed.

Music that shakes us in a way we want to scream out loud…


If you’re too lazy these days to get up early in the morning and you want to hear a song to cheer you up I suggest you listen to… bed.  This trio from Portland, OR paints catchy indie pop with glimmering guitars, dreamy vocals and a sweet Throwing Muses feel. Here’s GIRL, their newest daydream…

bed. links: Facebook – Twitter

Back to bed, I guess…

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Compelling Crackers for Week 49…

Thrilling vibes from an alternative sonic world…


A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven energizing tracks I played on repeat these past days
Seven dynamized strokes to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!


1/ ‘Girl’ by bed. (Portland, OR, US)
Catchy indie pop with glimmering guitars, dreamy vocals and a sweet Throwing Muses feel.
bed.: Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Don’t Yah Feel Better?’ by THE VELVETEINS (Edmonton, AB. Canada)
An Indian music inspired pop spark that shines brightly in these dark December days…
First single off forthcoming LP ‘Slow Wave‘ out via Fierce Panda Canada early 2017
THE VELVETEINS: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Night Shift’ by NIGHT NAIL (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Dark, melodic synth waves to soundtrack your favourite goth nightmares before
the daylight fills your room again and ruins your gloomy colored experience…
NIGHT NAIL: More shadows on Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘It’s You’ by WHARVES (Byron Bay, Australia)
Hard driving guitar rock bolide that will stimulate all your limbs to go pretty berserk…
WHARVES: Facebook

5/ ‘I Won’t Leave Lonely’ by THE EXTONS (King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England)
Steamy punk rock engine to start a riot in your street right here, right now. Ace debut!…
THE EXTONS: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Forgiveness’ by CELLAR DOOR MOON CROW (Sheffield, England)
Wham Bloody Bam! This is hammerblow dynamite! The perfect sledgehammer to crush nasty hangovers so you can start partying all over again till the next morning. Score!
CELLAR DOOR MOON CROWN: More explosions on Bandcamp – Facebook

7/ ‘Staying Out Of Sight’ by WICKED SHIMMIES (Chickasha, Oklahoma, US)
Twisted garage electricity from a messy basement. Burning madness. Release the bats…
On: brand new album ‘Rip My Wrapper‘ – here on iTunes
WICKED SHIMMIES: Facebook – Twitter