Dance With Eccentric Synth Punks SHOULDIES In ‘BED’…

aDaily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

8 February 2019


Who: Three Atlanta-based lifelong musical friends forming a band in 2017 “to serve darkwave to the buttcracks and crevices of the city’s sprawling highways and bigots, dance
on the ghost of your face as you sit in the 5 o’clock traffic, whisper in your ear when you frequent, yet again, that bar with the shitty men
.” Sounds interesting.

Track: BED – single from upcoming debut LP, titled ‘:)’ !!.

Score: Eccentric, manic and ass-kicking. These are the keywords for this one minute and twenty seconds of neurotic synth wackiness. Centered around a high-strung electro beat, with loony vocals all over it, this anxiety-induced love ebullition will activate every nerve in your body. They should call this electronic bedroom funk. Wake up, tune in and go gaga…

SHOULDIES: Facebook – instagram

Debut album : ) out 8 March via NeverNotGoth (a new Graveface imprint) Details here

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