Waking Up With… Blue Booming Beats By Electro Duo TECHNOLOGY + TEAMWORK

Works faster and harder than caffeine

17 January 2023

Who: EBM duo with Sarah Jones and
Anthony Silvester
from London

New single: BIG BLUE Piece from their upcoming debut album
We Used To be Friends on 17 March. Pre-order info here.

Sarah Jones: “I wrote a beat about my favourite jumper. Often with our stuff, our voices
are put through effects and people are never sure who’s singing what, which I really like.”

Sylvester: “A lot of ‘Big Blue’ was us resampling ourselves. We also worked with our friend Charlie (March), who helped us structure it into a song, and then when we mixed it with our friend Aaron (Cupples), we resampled other parts and built it up like that some more. Sarah was really keen on developing a break in it, and we used delays on one of our sampled bits to make sounds like alligators croaking for the break.”

TUTV: Hypnotic beats and magnetic booms about the color of a jumper?
I love the kooky idea, but I like the sonic hommage to the garment better.

Repetitive synth drones activate your limbs within 20 seconds. After a couple of spins
the magnetizing stomper keeps on pounding in your head for the rest of the day.

Jump in.