BILL CALLAHAN Shares New Brisk And High-Spirited Track ‘NATURAL INFORMATION’ From Upcoming Album

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28 September 2022

Gripping American singer-songwriter BILL CAHALLAN started his career under
his alias of Smog. From 2008 on he operates under his Christian name. Overall
he made 19 albums and number 20 is on its way. It’s named YTI⅃AƎЯ.

Callahan: “I wanted to make a record that addressed or reflected the current climate.
It felt like it was necessary to rouse people — rouse their love, their kindness, their anger,
rouse anything in them. Get their senses working again. I guess there was already plenty of anger! But we needed a better anger. To get out of this hypnagogic state. We were born to feed others. We have milk, breasts. We have language, tongues. We have music, ears. All to feed.”

YTI⅃AƎЯ is out 10/14/22 digitally and 2/24/23 physically. Pre-order info here.

If you thought Bill Callahan only could write sad/somber/sinister songs he proves you wrong here. New piece NATURAL INFORMATION is a brisk and high-spirited Americana tune with warm horns, girlish backing vocals and, of course, Callahan‘s characteristic, charming voice. A mellow little pearl.

Check it out…



9 January 2021

American crooners Bill Callahan and Bonnie “Prince” Billy already teamed up
last year for a couple of covers and in the early days of 2021 we get another one.

This time the duo picked a song called Miracles by the late Memphis soul and gospel singer Johnnie Frierson (1945-2010). In the sixties, Frierson was a member of soul
group The Drapels but also performed/wrote as a solo artist.

He had to leave music behind after being drafted and fighting in the Vietnam War
and came back traumatized. In the ’90s he sold home-recorded cassettes to pay
the bills. In 2012 a reissue of a collection of Frierson’s self-released songs saw the
day of light. Miracles is one of them.

Callahan and Oldham recorded their take with psych rocker Ty Segall.

Sing the blues, guys…

The original


17 November 2020

Bill Callahan and Bonnie “Prince” Billy are two of a kind. Two emotional American songwriters and crooners, each blessed with a characterful voice that stands out in
their emotive works.

The two teamed up, including some friends, for a series of covers. So far they gave
us their version of songs by Cat Stevens, Hank Williams Jr, The Other Years, Dave Rich
and ‘wish you were gay‘ by teenage phenomenon Billie Eilish.

And they just shared another one, featuring their pal Bill Mackay. This time it’s
a song by 70s jazzy art-rockers Steely Dan. Bill & Bonnie picked DEACON BLUES
from the duo’s 1977 masterpiece Aja.

Tune in here…

The original

BILL CALLAHAN Tells Another Story From His Upcoming Album ‘GOLD RECORD’

New sonic impulses…

11 August 2020

American singer-songwriter BILL CALLAHAN releases new album
GOLD RECORD on 4th September, only 12 months after his double
LP ‘Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest‘.

As promised he revealed a track every 7 days. We already got six
in a row ‘Pigeons’, ’AnotherSong’, ’35’, ‘Protest Song‘, ‘The MacKenzies
and ‘Let’s Move To The Country’. You can hear them all below via
the Bandcamp-link. And here’s number seven. BREAKFAST.
Another easy-listening story à la Callahan.

“She leaves me as a sun tan.”



All seven songs on Bandcamp…


BILL CALLAHAN Reworks Old Song ‘LET’S MOVE TO THE COUNTRY’ For His Upcoming New Album

New sonic impulses…

4 August 2020

American singer-songwriter-crooner-storyteller BILL CALLAHAN will
make us happy with his new album GOLD RECORD on 4th September,
only 12 months after his double LP Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest.

For five weeks now he gave us one track every 7 days. We enjoyed: ‘Pigeons’,
’AnotherSong’, ’35’, ‘Protest Song‘
and ‘The MacKenzies’. You can stream them
all below via the Bandcamp-link.

And here’s piece number six. LET’S MOVE TO THE COUNTRY is actually
a song he wrote under the moniker SMOG. “Let’s pretend it’s a new song.
Please. I have nothing else.”
wrote Callahan on his socials.

An almost whispering, characteristic Callahan musing it is…

The brill original (on his 1999 Knock Knock album)

All six songs on Bandcamp…


Compelling Storyteller BILL CALLAHAN Shared Fifth Song From Upcoming LP – Meet ‘THE MACKENZIES’

New sonic impulses…

28 July 2020

Last month American singer-songwriter and compelling storyteller BILL CALLAHAN announced his new album GOLD RECORD, only 12 months after his double LP Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest. Simultaneously he promised to drop one new song every week, until the longplayer comes out, on 4th September. And he kept his promise, so far. He gave us already four tracks: ‘Pigeons’,’Another Song’, ’35’, and ‘Protest Song.‘ (you can stream them all below via the Bandcamp-link).

The troubadour now shared a fifth composition. ‘THE MACKENZIES’ is a typical Callahan musing. It’s about meeting his neighbors for the first time after a car problem and about lost father-son relationships. The way he tells/sings the story with that arresting voice of him is pretty special. Yes, a riveting pearl!

Listen here…


Listen to all five songs here…