BILL CALLAHAN Tells Another Story From His Upcoming Album ‘GOLD RECORD’

New sonic impulses…

11 August 2020

American singer-songwriter BILL CALLAHAN releases new album
GOLD RECORD on 4th September, only 12 months after his double
LP ‘Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest‘.

As promised he revealed a track every 7 days. We already got six
in a row ‘Pigeons’, ’AnotherSong’, ’35’, ‘Protest Song‘, ‘The MacKenzies
and ‘Let’s Move To The Country’. You can hear them all below via
the Bandcamp-link. And here’s number seven. BREAKFAST.
Another easy-listening story à la Callahan.

“She leaves me as a sun tan.”



All seven songs on Bandcamp…


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