Alone With Everybody – ‘HELLO FRIENDS!’ Is The Fourth Single Of Upcoming Album From JUJU WINGS

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11 August 2020

JUJU WINGS is a Welsh synth-pop duo that hit the music scene four years
ago with versatile electro debut album (I’m Not A King…) Or Anything .

Since the month of May they reside in their own dreamworld bubble sending sonic
signals monthly to our messed-up planet until their second full length is completed.
So far we discovered three tracks on our aural radar: Seagull Republic, Escapism 101
and The Wonder.

Hello Friends!
is the fourth message they send us from their phantasy cocoon.
It’s the title track of the upcoming longplayer.

The song is “a longing call to all the people who have been in one’s life, to all the good times spent together, and to the search for new connections. “Hello friends!” is a sonic journey that allows the listeners to meander on the sobering realisation that, as individuals, we are truly alone. By the end of the song, it becomes clear that we are the only actors of our fate and
that loneliness is just an essential self-inflicted state of mind.”

Makes me think immediately of the title of
Richard Ashcrof
t’s debut LP Alone With Everybody.

Sonically ‘Hello Friends!‘ invites us to join Juju Wings on an imagery stroll while wondering who we all really are. The melancholic sentiment is a yearning desire
to get control of our individual fate. The sound is romantic, laid-back, and idyllic.
The National and Cigarettes After Sex are not far away.

From their bubble to yours…

If you missed the three previous singles, press play right here…


– ESCAPSIM 101 –


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