BIRDMAN CULT – Bristol’s Cast Iron Rockers Celebrate Women On New Haymaker ‘MAIDEN, MOTHER, CRONE’

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24 June 2023

Who: An alternative Bristol (UK) quintet that have been peddling their original blend
of hook-heavy, Post-Punk Garage-rock since 2020. The band are named in part after
The Birdman Cult
, an ancient religious sect who inhabited Easter Island until they were suppressed by Christian missionaries in the 1860s.


Joe Eden: (frontman): “Each verse is a dedication to the women in my life. Being a son, husband, and most recently a new father had me reflecting on my relationships with my mother, daughter, and wife. I had a moment of realisation around what they mean to me and began to think about how I was witnessing three stages of female roles from the standpoint of the male in their lives. These three figures are often described as the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone in common Neopagan usage. Each of which symbolises a separate stage in the female life cycle.”

Artwork single

TUTV: Once upon a time Willie Nelson sung about all the women he loved before.
Birdman Cult do the same for 3 special women, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Soundwise do not expect a smooth Nelson-like tune, on the contrary, what you get here
is a cast iron haymaker fed by maddening drumming, a mental bass riff, Led Zep guitar hooks, and cocky vocals. Raw, rough, and reckless. A manic motherrocker.

Just what you need to test the resilience of your stereo. Open your windows
and doors and invite the neighbourhood for a berserk shebang



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