BLACK SABBATH Released Their Magnum Metal Opus ‘VOL 4’ 50 Years Ago

Back in time

26 September 2022

The legend goes Ozzy Osbourne started the band by saying to his mates
They make movies to scare people, why don’t we make music that scares people.”
Active: 1968–2006, 2011–2017 / 19 studio LPs

Anniversary LP: VOL. 4
Released: 25 September 1972 – 50 years ago

Pitchfork said: “Made in L.A. under the influence of colossal amounts of cocaine, the heavy metal legends’ fourth album, recently reissued, made room for both light and shade and featured several of their signature songs… It would be misleading to argue that Vol. 4 is the work of Black Sabbath at the peak of their powers. When you’re the band that recorded “Iron Man,” “War Pigs,” and “Paranoid,” and you put them all on the same album, congratulations, that’s the peak of your powers. But *Vol. 4 is a close second. The sense of scale, the lyrical directness, and the sheer riff-crunching power that mark the band at their best are all here, along with several signature Sabbath tunes. Paranoid might top the list, but Vol. 4 is indispensable metal in its own right.” Score: 9/10.

TUTV: Glorious big drones, two romantic ballads (the wholehearted Change and the instrumental Laguna Sunrise) and a what the fuck is going here weird thing called FX.

Turn it up.

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