Brooklyn’s ‘POST-TRASH’ Geeks Release Gigantic Compilation With All Benefits Going To PUERTO RICO’S HURRICANE VICTIMS…

Sonic havoc hat thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

31 January 2018

POST-TRASH is a Brooklyn based music website set up by the founders of EXPLODING IN SOUNDS RECORDS. Their goal is to make an impact both musically and culturally, through their good and honest DIY roots and to release significant sonic racket for music fanatics who are hooked on cracking underground vibes and alternative tumult. ‘Post-Trash’ just released their gigantic compilation VOLUME THREE, the latest in their yearly charitable promo compilation series. Fifty-one, yes 51, tracks from some of the best up-and-coming (and a few legendary) bands at this very moment. All benefits will be donated 100% to the MARIA FUND. A Puerto Rican disaster relief agency formed in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The people and organizations at the grassroots are leading the day-to-day recovery and rebuilding a new Puerto Rico. The Maria Fund is dedicated to supporting these initiatives.

The new compilation is a NAME-YOUR-PRICE-DOWNLOAD! Every single dollar helps!

To have an idea of what you can expect I picked 3 towering tracks from this highly riveting collection. Trust me, here comes some really buzzing stuff to activate your sonic motor!…

Sludgefucker by THE ROYAL THEY (New York City)
A rambunctious punk knockout that will nail you to the floor.

‘Headache’ by BLESSED (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Massive wall-of-guitar-sound uppercut from start to finish.

Freak Child by GRIM STREAKER (Brooklyn)
Non-stop hyperkinetic flare-up to go bananas to.

Can you feel the heat? These are only 3 out of the dazzling 51 strokes. Support this
great human cause by donating whatever you want and enjoy all noise right HERE.

POST-TRASH: Website – Facebook / MARIA FUND: Website