BLONDIE Topped The UK Singles Chart 40 Ago Years Today With Disco Gem ‘ATOMIC’…

1 March 2020

This day 40 years ago, on 1 March 1980 iconic band BLONDIE topped the UK Singles
Chart with disco gem ‘ATOMIC’ from their fourth LP Eat To The Beat. The track was written by Debbie Harry and keyboardist Jimmy Destri, one of Blondie‘s main songwriters and produced by Australian glam rock (The Sweet, Mud, Suzi Quatro and more) songwriter and producer Mike Chapman.

Hit the dance floor right here…

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BLONDIE Scored Their First No 1 Single In The UK With Disco Hit ‘HEART OF GLASS’ 41 Years Ago Today…

3 February 2020

On 3 February 1979, 41 years ago BLONDIE scored their first of five number one hit singles in the UK with disco stomper ‘HEART OF GLASS‘. It was written by Debbie Harry
and Chris Stein
. It topped the charts in multiple countries. The song featured on their
best album ever Parallel Lines (1978).

Here’s the original clip (186.233.699 views on YouTube)…

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BLONDIE Released Massive Hit Single ‘CALL ME’ 40 Years Ago Today…

1 February 2020

BLONDIE released their massive hit CALL ME on 1st February 1980, 40 years ago today. The song was produced and co-written by Italian musician Giorgio Moroder and was the theme song to the 1980 movie American Gigolo with Richard Gere.

The single topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for six consecutive weeks and became the best selling single of the year in the US. It also was a Number One in the UK and Canada.

Here comes Debbie…

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BLONDIE Topped The UK Singles Charts With ‘THE TIDE IS HIGH’ 39 Years Ago Today…

Knockouts from the past

15 November 2019

Band: Blondie
Song: The Tide Is High
B-side:  Susie And Jeffrey
Album: Autoamerican – the band’s fifth LP
Note 1: The song was actually written by Jamaican artist John Holt
in 1967 and performed by The Paragons, with Holt as lead singer.
Note 2: Blondie topped the UK Singles chart with this cover song
on 15 November 1980, 39 years ago today

Here we go…

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And here’s the John Holt (in the middle) original performed with The Paragons

41 Years Ago Today BLONDIE Released ‘HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE’ As A Single…

Knockouts from the past

30 October 2019

Band: Blondie
Song: Hanging On The Telephone 
B-side in the UK: ‘Will Anything Happen’
B-side in the US: ‘Fade Away And Radiate’
Released: 30 October 1978 – 41years ago today
Note 1: ‘Hanging On The Telephone‘ was the
opening track of Parallel Lines, their third and best LP
Note 1: The song was actually written by the not so famous
songwriter Jack Lee in 1976 for his band The Nerves
Note 2: Blondie learned about the song when Gun Club
frontman Jeffrey Lee Pierce had given them a compilation
cassette with that The Nerves song on it
Note 3: The single peaked at #5 in the UK and flopped in the US

Hello, Debbie…

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