BLOOD RED SHOES Turn Up The Heat And Decibels On Their 6th Album ‘GHOSTS ON TAPE’

18 January 2022

Who: Alt-rock duo – Laura-Mary Carter and
drummer Steven Ansell – from Brighton UK.
Active since 2004 / 6 studio albums

Ansell: “We’ve always been outsiders right from the very beginning. This album is really about us asserting ourselves as our own little island. We have made an entire career out of being told what we are ‘not’, of being rejected, of not fitting in, and this album is us deliberately pushing into all of our strangeness, emphasising all of the things that make us different. Ultimately this album is an invitation. It’s us saying, this is our world, these are our darkest thoughts and feelings – our ghosts – caught on tape. You are welcome to join us. Come and embrace the strange.”

Turn Up The Volume: The wayward Brighton tandem turn up the heat and decibels
on their new full lenght. From industrial slam dunks to (Morbid Fascination / Murder Me /
Give Up / I Am Not You
) high-powered sucker-punch grooves (Comply / Sucker / Loose Whatever I Own) and sensual begging. Like The Horrors rockin’ out, fronted by Garbage‘s Shirley Manson. Blood Red Shoes do what only they like to do on this steamrolling record,
all of you, frenetic rock addicts out there, will like too.

Key singles: Morbid Fascination / Murder Me



Stream/buy the full album here…

BLOOD RED SHOES: Facebook – All Albums

BLOOD RED SHOES Drop New Stomper ‘A LITTLE LOVE’ With A Little Help From A Can Of Hairspray

New sonic impulses…

7 June 2021

(image: cover of ‘Get Tragic’ album)

Who: Alt-rock duo – Laura-Mary Carter and
drummer Steven Ansell – from Brighton UK.
Active since 2004 / 5 studio albums so far

New single: A LITTLE LOVE

“The song was inspired by a thought process commonly adopted by
serial killers, that their victims are infatuated with them. Like the rest
of the planet, we are hooked on murder podcasts and Netflix docs
about serial killers and psychopaths, and love thinking about mindset
of the entitled stalker who is convinced a person loves and needs them,
when that person doesn’t even know who they are.
This is also the second
song in our band’s history to feature a can of hairspray as an instrument”

says the duo in a press statement.

A Little Love is a vintage BRS blues-rock stomper pushed by a slamming
beat and taking a teasing turn when Laura-Mary‘s sweet-voiced-chorus
comes on followed by Ansell advising that a little love won’t hurt you.

Will you tease
Will you please
Will you marry me
I won’t let go
When you lie
They’re asleep
Well, you don’t fool me
My cry baby


Brighton’s Powerful Tandem BLOOD RED SHOES Returns With New Single And Album And Tour…

Brighton‘s blustery rock tandem BLOOD RED SHOES is back! Although it looked like the
duo would never return as the pair broke up after the release of their excellent self-titled 2014 album. Guitarist Laura-Mary Carter and drummer Steven Ansell broke the silence with some great news yesterday. New, fifth album GET TRAGIC will hit the streets early 2019 – on 25th January via Jazz Life Records.  The band will also play some small club
gigs to present the new record (see dates below).

Ansell revealed the story behind the new LP’s title: “The reason we called it ‘Get Tragic’ is because we realised that everything we’ve been doing over the last three years is kinda tragic! Just like, ‘Ooh, I hate you, I’m going to America to find myself’, and like ‘Ooh, I’m gonna party for the rest of the year!’ Everything about it is such a cliché, we were like, ‘We’ve turned into a fuckin’ tragedy!’”

Ahead of all this here’s brand new single MEXICAN DRESS. A groovy stomper that sticks directly. Its booming beat, Carter‘s sensual vox and Ansell biting his tongue somewhere in the middle all turn this comeback cracker into a galvanizing glam and glitter ripper. Capture the fervid vibe right here…

BLOOD RED SHOES: Facebook – Website

New LP GET TRAGIC out 25 January 2019 – all info  here

TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Knockout Team For JUNE 2018 – Eleven Killer Tracks…

Eleven killer tracks on repeat this past month…

Quote - kopie (2)

Eleven killer tracks played on repeat in JUNE!
A steamy cocktail of lively rippers & sticky grooves
activating all our senses & limbs this past month!
Turn Up The Volume for June’s Knockout Team!

1/ ‘Get Gone’ by DEAP VALLY (Los Angeles, US)
Hundred seconds of blistering grit and spit. A tremendous bang-up. Sultry surf sequences with a dose of nasty The Cramps psychobilly by the coolest 2-piece on this wacko planet!

DEAP VALLY: Facebook

2/ ‘New Dominions’ by JOHNNY MARR (Manchester, UK)
Most fascinating, most audacious and darkly groovin’ track/sound on Johnny Marr‘s new, third and adventurous solo longplayer Call The Comet. Gloomy modern-day glam-rock!


3/ ‘Red Horizon’ by PALM GHOSTS (Nashville, US)
Irresistible riffage and infectious beats escort a highly sticky melody. Cold waves causing warm sentiments. A supreme stroke from their new, excellent longplayer Architecture.


4/ ‘Subsonic Dream’ by THE DARTS (LA/Phoenix, US)
The hottest garage rock fury in ages. Their new crackerjack is steamy, sweaty and sassy.
A brawny banger fueled with sprightly guitar buzz, subsonic keyboards and vocal bravado.

THE DARTS: Facebook

5/ ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’ by PEACE (Worcester, UK)
Vibrant guitar pop that makes your day from the very first flashy chord on. Lively and catching earworm from the band’s third album Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll.

PEACE: Facebook

6/ ‘Peaches’ by ANIMAL HOUSE (Brighton, UK)
This red-hot garage rock ripper will make your head spin 360° and will make your feet tap uncontrollably. Deranged stuff, with a Kings Of Leon twist, to go completely bananas to!

Animal House: Facebook

7/ ‘Diagnose Me’ by KANE INCOGNITO (Hamilton, Canada)
A touching folk injected symphony with singer Eric Kane Cherrington‘s soul-stirring vox
in the middle of this harmonious pearl. Crystal clear orchestration and arrangements.


8/ ‘Coming Down’ by GENA ROSE BRUCE (Melbourne, Australia)
The song is “a happy-go-lucky look into self-destruction and total upheaval. Complete with ironic cheerfulness and introspective criticism” says this charismatic Aussie artist. With her hypnotizing voice and striking songwriting potential she’s on her way to something special.


9/ ‘Without You’ by FABRIC BEAR (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Energetic three-headed guitar driven generator creates elevating exhilaration. Their combination of catchy poppiness and electrical tunefulness works perfectly! Bingo!


10/ ‘Firebird 85’ by SONS OF BILL (Virginia, US)
The way this simpatico band combines idyllic harmonies, melodic beauty and sonic romanticism goes way back to the 60s magic of The Byrds. From new LP OH GOD MA’AM 

SONS OF BILL: Facebook

11/ Try (Cross My Heart by SOCIAL STATION (Washington, District of Columbia, DC)
A cloudy symphony for the twilight hours. Heavy-hearted, yet with some spark of hope
at the end of the day/night. The cinematic atmosphere adds drama to the experience.


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See/hear you next month, music junkies…

BLOOD RED SHOES Launch Clip For Comeback Banger ‘GOD COMPLEX’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


Brighton‘s forceful 2-motor engine BLOOD RED SHOES returned with new material
last April. Comeback single ‘GOD COMPLEX’ is a vigorous punch with a doomy flare. Hypnotic and energized with a tribal The Kills vibe while Laura-Mary Carter’s vox has
both a threatening and sensual tone. Here’s the brand new video clip emphasising
the darksome feel of this slo-mo banger…

BLOOD RED SHOES: Website – Facebook – Twitter


GOD COMPLEX – out now – available on iTunes