BLOOD RED SHOES Drop New Stomper ‘A LITTLE LOVE’ With A Little Help From A Can Of Hairspray

New sonic impulses…

7 June 2021

(image: cover of ‘Get Tragic’ album)

Who: Alt-rock duo – Laura-Mary Carter and
drummer Steven Ansell – from Brighton UK.
Active since 2004 / 5 studio albums so far

New single: A LITTLE LOVE

“The song was inspired by a thought process commonly adopted by
serial killers, that their victims are infatuated with them. Like the rest
of the planet, we are hooked on murder podcasts and Netflix docs
about serial killers and psychopaths, and love thinking about mindset
of the entitled stalker who is convinced a person loves and needs them,
when that person doesn’t even know who they are.
This is also the second
song in our band’s history to feature a can of hairspray as an instrument”

says the duo in a press statement.

A Little Love is a vintage BRS blues-rock stomper pushed by a slamming
beat and taking a teasing turn when Laura-Mary‘s sweet-voiced-chorus
comes on followed by Ansell advising that a little love won’t hurt you.

Will you tease
Will you please
Will you marry me
I won’t let go
When you lie
They’re asleep
Well, you don’t fool me
My cry baby


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