BOBBY C. Goes Black and White On New Video Clip For ‘SMOKE AND MIRRORS’….

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1 October 2018

Up and coming Belgian musician Bob Caussyn – ‘NOT a singer/songwriter‘ as claimed by the man himself – aka BOBBY C. goes black and white – still the coolest color combination in rock ‘n roll – in his new video clip for SMOKE AND MIRRORS. The title track and one of the grooviest cuts on the new, second EP. Some press relates Bobby to Britpop, but I have no idea whatsoever where they get that notion from at all.

Whatever, what my experienced ears hear is a distinctive, warm vox with an electrified band sounding like a mix of Lou Barlow‘s emotive group Sebadoh and J Mascis‘s Dinosaur Jr. with some Neil Young guitar echoes. Yes, indeed, Uncle Sam is in the house. Pretty cool, isn’t it ? Damn right. Check out for yourself what I just tried to stutter here…

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Stream the 4-track EP in full onĀ Spotify

Electrifying Singer/Songwriter BOBBY C. Goes Hefty With His ‘LADY FORTUNE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

12 June 2018

Belgian artist BOBBY C aka Bob Caussyn is, described by his entourage, as “an anti-singer/songwriter inspired by Britpop, surrounded by some friends when he hits the stage.”
The man just released his brand new 4-track EP ‘Smoke And Mirrors‘ with closer LADY FORTUNE as my favorite track. An amplified, droning mid-tempo ballad fueled with
layers of galvanizing guitar parts. Melodic, feverish and ardent, all at the same time.

Definitely no Britpop at all to Turn Up The Volume‘s ears. This extended groove reminded me immediately of the first line-up of slacker rock legends Dinosaur Jr. led by J Mascis and Lou Barlow combining fuzzy noise, poppy hooks and grunge-y ferocity in a bizarrely sticky way. Flamboyant indeed. Check it out for yourself, folks, right here…

I knew you would come back for more of this turbulent stuff.
Listen to the 4-track ‘SMOKE AND MIRRORS’ EP in full here.

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