BOBBY C. Goes Black and White On New Video Clip For ‘SMOKE AND MIRRORS’….

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


1 October 2018

Up and coming Belgian musician Bob Caussyn – ‘NOT a singer/songwriter‘ as claimed by the man himself – aka BOBBY C. goes black and white – still the coolest color combination in rock ‘n roll – in his new video clip for SMOKE AND MIRRORS. The title track and one of the grooviest cuts on the new, second EP. Some press relates Bobby to Britpop, but I have no idea whatsoever where they get that notion from at all.

Whatever, what my experienced ears hear is a distinctive, warm vox with an electrified band sounding like a mix of Lou Barlow‘s emotive group Sebadoh and J Mascis‘s Dinosaur Jr. with some Neil Young guitar echoes. Yes, indeed, Uncle Sam is in the house. Pretty cool, isn’t it ? Damn right. Check out for yourself what I just tried to stutter here…

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