Frenetic Sucker Punch – L.A. Rockers CUFFED UP Turn Up The Speed On ‘CANARIES’

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14 July 2021

(photo by Noah Kentis)

Who: L.A. based post-punk rockers
making noise since 2019.

New single: CANARIES

About the song: “Canaries'” is about going down a path that you
know is wrong, yet you keep going because some form of shame is
driving you. Sometimes, we become numb to the burdens we carry.
“Carrying the weight of stones/with pins to his bones” reflects that
and the need to be vulnerable with yourself and not accept fate as is.”

Turn Up The Volume: After a canary whistles let’s roll, this haunting
kamikaze ripsnorter explodes into a non-stop whirlwind pushed by
siren-like guitars. At times, it feels as if this speedy bolide is about to
crash. The female/male vocalists spit their lines as if they are shooed by
something or somebody. I swear you’ll be out of breath after four red-hot
blooded minutes. A frenetic sucker punch! Oh, by the way, that canary
has the final say.

Speed it up right here…

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CANARIES is available here