Amazing Artwork – Cover Of New Album By Metalcore Loudmouths CANDY

Amazing album art

Metallic hardcore loudmouths CANDY from Richmond, Virginia just spread the news of
a new, their second, album, titled HEAVEN IS HERE coming next June. Pre-order info here.

I couldn’t find out (yet) what the LPs cover is about, but it doesn’t look
like heaven to me. On the opposite, I see a sort of hellish Holocaust scene.

Alert your ears, here comes the first single

CANDY: Facebook

FALLING MAN – The Most Underrated Band In This Messed-Up World…

Old and new albums to make your day

9 June 2020

Belgian post-punk squad FALLING MAN is the most underrated band
in this messed-up world. FACT! Why I hear you ask? Here’s why…

1. It’s a spine-chilling and haunting post-punk force
2. No arty-farty shit, only kick-ass grooves & rollicking firework
3. They pump up your bloodstream when they hit the stage
3. With ‘Ghost’ they made one of the best albums of 2017
5. With ‘Candy’ they scored one of the best singles of 2019

Enough convincing reasons why you shouldn’t
lock down this turbulent turbo…

Stream/buy GHOST here…

Get your CANDY here…


On fire…

Picture This…

FALLING MAN – De Casino, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium – 9 October 2019

The band that never disappoints
The band that never lets you down
The band that moves and grooves
And always delivers the spicy goods
As long as there’s candy to ease the pain…


Standing men

Angry blue kids


Pedals Kaput

Mister Vega

All the grooves

More Candy right here…

And latest excellent album ‘GHOST‘ here…


TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For APRIL 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A tasty cocktail of rollicking rippers and first-rate cuts.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout April Team!

1. ‘Blah Blah Blah’ by MEMES (Glasgow, Scotland)
The spirit of The Fall’s debut EP Bingo-Master’s Break-Out!. Ramshackle racket!…

2. ‘Covered In Filth’ by THE MEDICINE DOLLS (Capetown, South Africa)
Raw rollicking rockabilly riffs with waggish bubblegum ooh-la-la’s. Filthy score!

3. ‘Don’t’ by MILLIONAIRE (Belgium)
An ominous funky smack fueled by a mighty disco stomp. Hell yeah!…

4. ‘Candy’ by FALLING MAN (Belgium)
An enigmatic painkiller for spooky midnight hours. It will keep you sane. Maybe…

5. ‘Stay Where You Stand’ by THE RINGARDS (London, UK)
Jangly guitars, ace pace, poppy synths and a scream/sing/hum along chorus. Top!

6. ‘The Way In’ by THE DREAM SYNDICATE (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Electrifying psych piece from the band’s new upcoming album ‘These Times

7. ‘Hey’ Gyp (Dig The Slowness) by THE RACONTEURS (US)
Jack White & buddies back with gloriously messy Donovan cover…

8. ‘6.30‘ by SUPER PARADISE (London,UK)
When blitzkrieg guitars, echoing vocals and flashy synths meet. A bang-up roller coaster!

9. ‘Who’s Been Having You Over’ by PETER DOHERTY & THE PUTA MADRES (UK)
Snappy garage stomper with sharp-edged guitar licks and Doherty‘s characteristic vox…

10. ‘Prozac Spaceman’ by FAUX CO. (Chicago, US)
This delightful humdinger will dance in your head for some time after one spin…

11. ‘Parabole’ by TURQUOISE (Bruxelles, Belgique)
Sensuous French vocals, glimmering guitars and New Order‘s blue dynamics. Magnifique!…

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Belgian Rockers FALLING MAN Groove Till You Move…

FALLING MAN – Charlatan, Ghent, Belgium – 12 April 2019

Turn Up The Volume featured Belgian turbine FALLING MAN many times before because this rock machine knows the kick-ass art of turning a shaking cocktail of spellbinding riffs, bad-tempered licks, hammering drums and a haunting vox into memorable crackers, on record and on stage. And they do it with a heated heart and a stirring soul because THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR SHIT! Which can’t be said of many label controlled fakers out there.

Yesterday the flamboyant combo hit their and my hometown of Ghent to celebrate the release of their brand new 4-track EP, entitled CANDY. Another striking piece of messed-up crackerjacks. The record kicks off with the awesome title track – a painkiller that works instantly – followed by the manic anxiety of PANIC ATTACK NO. 22, then a raging ANGRY KID hits you hard in the face before the band closes with B&D, a sort of ‘I’m you, you are me‘ identity crisis that gets under your skin without asking permission.

Live up there, on the podium, these new killers sounded even more obstreperous, more stocky and more burly than on vinyl. Oh yeah, their sonic nightmares get an extra injection of adrenalin when performed live. That’s what great bands do. They gave you the best of both worlds. Conclusion: FALLING MAN, is one of those rare acts that never disappoints because basically, this is what these motherrockers do ALL the time…

They groove till you move
They rock till you shock
They roll till you toll
They sneer till you cheer
They spit till you split
They trash till you splash
They spree till you candy…

Stream/buy the Full EP right here…

Picture this

This is how a ghost looks like

Angry Kid

Mean machine

Hammering panic attack


FALLING MAN: Facebook – Interview

(concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

Belgian Groovers FALLING MAN Keep You Sane And Kill Your Pain With ‘CANDY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

9 March 2019

After their arresting 2017 album Ghost Belgian groovers FALLING MAN return with
a 4-track EP, entitled CANDY. It’s the title track that keeps creeping around in Turn Up
The Volume
‘s restless mind. Its ominous groove, its threatening pace and its repetitive Krautrock beat promise you to keep you sane and kill your pain. I don’t think so! This foursome has a hidden agenda. They’re after your soul and they’ll do anything tasty as long as you surrender in the end. Don’t be afraid, check out why and how right here…

FALLING MAN: Facebook – Bandcamp

Taste/purchase the 4-track sweetness of CANDY on Bandcamp

(photo on top: Turn Up The Volume!)