Happy 62 To Bass Heroine KIM DEAL And Her Twin Sister KELLEY!

10 June 2023

Kimberley Ann Deal was born
in Dayton, Ohio on 40 June 1961.

Happy 62!

She was an original member and the brill
bass player of Boston’s noise turbine Pixies.

She recorded/released the splendid LP Last Splash with The Breeders
(along with her twin sister Kelly) and one with The Amps (‘Pacer’ – 1995).

In 2013 she left Pixies to reunite The Breeders
Simply one of the most genuine, coolest female
musicians ever in rock.

Two Deals. Two birthdays. Kelley and Kim rule.

Three to party.

With Pixies

With The Breeders

With The Amps



12 March 2023

‘Cannonball’ by THE BREEDERS

The smashing single from the sisters Deal‘s
1993 hit album The Last Splash.

Spitting in a wishing well
Blown to hell, crash
I’m the last splash

I know you, little libertine
I know you’re a real cuckoo

Want you cuckoo cannonball
Want you cuckoo cannonball
In the shade, in the shade
In the shade, in the shade



25 June 2021

Five new firecrackers to boost your weekend…

‘How Not To Drown’ by CHRVCHES and Robert Smith
The original track was released early this month. And this version is remixed by
the hands of The Cure‘s mastermind Robert Smith. He pumped up the volume and
build a titanic wall-of-sound.

Press play here…

‘Cannonball’ by EAMON MCGRATH (Toronto)
This instantly affecting country rock anthem “alludes to the opportunity to reflect
and look back on moments in your life as a musician with love and desire, but also a deep realization that they will never return.”
. The captivating duet vocals with Cayley Thomas – think Emmylou Harris on a high – are nothing less than overwhelming. You’ll understand why Eamon McGrath is a Gram Parsons and Lee Hazlewood fan. Top stuff!

Buy/stream here…

‘Sirens’ by FUZZY LIGHTS (Cambridge UK)
“Its a dark love song that tries to figure out how can we live with one another when there
is so much hate and resentment.”
Sings of the times indeed. Sirens has an ominous psych flow while the ghostly vocals emphasize the song’s haunting atmospherics. An amplified mediation about the uncertain future. From the band’s new album Burials, out 2nd July.

‘Boston Lager’ by THE RUDDY RUCKUS (Hamilton, Canada)
Remember those crazy nights out on the town when you’re with your friends and things are starting to get a little too carried away? It’s possible you can’t remember those out-of-your-mind drink sessions because you had way to much Boston Lager in your bloodstream.

Anyway, this swaggering rocker feels like a sober reflection about marathon booze excesses. This is the second single from our upcoming debut album Wentworth And
out September 10th,

Buy/stream the booze here…

‘We Are Between’ by MODEST MOUSE (Portland, US)
Today, the Portland veterans released their 7th album, titled The Golden Casket. Without a shadow of a doubt one of their best works. The adrenaline lead-single ‘We Are Between‘ is definitely my favorite.

Here’s why…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

THE BREEDERS Released Flamboyant Album ‘LAST SPLASH’ 25 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

30 August 2018


Album: LAST SPLASH – second LP

PITCHFORK wrote: ” ‘Last Splash’ is a noise-pop record in the fullest sense of both of those words: It is a symphony of feedback but the melodies holding it all together are sweet enough
to rot your teeth… ‘Last Splash’ is a tight record that’s also alive with happy accidents. Perhaps the most famous example: the bassline’s hesitant entrance on “Cannonball”– and we’re talking about one of the most iconic basslines of the 90s– was actually the product of a fortunate mistake. In a rehearsal, Wiggs played the last note of the riff flat (twice in a row) but everybody thought it sounded cool, so it became a part of the song…”

Score: 9/10 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: Without a shadow of a doubt The Breeders’
best longplayer. Crackling pop songs, turbulent electricity.

Top Tracks: Cannonball / Saints / No Aloha




SPLASH in full…

THE BREEDERS: Website – Facebook – All Albums

THE BREEDERS Released Their Masterstroke Single ‘CANNONBALL’ 25 Years Ago…

Timeless in sound and vision…


8 August 2018

Twenty-five years ago – on 9 August 1993 – THE BREEDERS, with the fabulous Deal twins, released CANNONBALL, their most famous single ever. For British alt music magazines NME and Melody Maker as well as for American cultural newspaper The Village Voice it was the best single of 1993. The video was shot by ex-Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Spike Jonze.

Here we go Check Check Check One Two

THE BREEDERS: Website – Facebook

From their flamboyant LAST SPLASH album – stream here

THE BREEDERS – Old And New Stuff On BBC TV Show ‘Later… with Jools Holland’…

Last night – 22 May – THE BREEDERS featuring the cool Deal sisters appeared and played live on BBC TWO‘s long-running show ‘Later… with Jools Holland’. The band released, last March, their first album in 10 years called ALL NERVE. They performed two songs: WAIT IN THE CAR, the lead single from the new LP and also their steamy 1993 classic CANNONBALL from their best known and most succesful LAST SPLASH longplayer.
Enjoy the ardent crackers right here…



ALL NERVE in full here…

THE BREEDERS: Tour Dates – Website – Facebook

THE BREEDERS – Amplified Lullabies And Jingle Jangle Firework In Belgium…

THE BREEDERS – Trix, Antwerp – 23 October 2017

Aloha THE BREEDERS. The most famous twins in rock history, the Deal sisters annex bashing drummer Jim Macpherson and immovable bassist Josephine Wiggs are back.
With a new album in the pipeline they came to Europe for a string of gigs to get back in
live shape‘. The first image that hit me was that Kim and Kelley, although a bit older (like everyone) looked fresh, spirited and yes, better than, say, 20 years ago. Second thought: the first ever time I saw Kim performing was in 1990 with the PIXIES. I remember well she
was smiling from start to finish and on all other occasions I witnessed her later on AND also yesterday night she had her charming ‘little girl‘ smile on her face throughout the whole show. On the other hand you could see clearly that they were all nervous and hesitant. But the crowd’s euphoric response from the first chord on gave them enough confidence to play a solid show. The setlist was a mix of classic Breeders crackers (like
No Ahola / Saints / Cannonball
), amplified lullabies (Glorious / Off You / Night Of Joy and the delightful Do You Love Me Now), some Amps tracks, one gigantic Pixies belter and two new songs, one being their new storming single ‘Wait In The Car’

Overall the Ohio Express, assisted now and then on guitar by their tall Kentucky roadie, delivered the goods as expected. An emotional and electrical performance, although the balance of the set wasn’t actually perfect. Every rocker was followed by a couple of soft ones which slowed the rhythm of the concert down and also the audience’s stream of adrenalin. Something the girls will surely work on for the future I guess, after all that’s
why try-outs are for. Anyway, it was an absolute thrill to see/hear them back again, for
me and for the at times ecstatic spectators. And YES, Kim ‘s eyes twinkled as never before, while smiling of course. Legends forever…

I know it’s stronger than myself, but I have to hear it again and again…

THE BREEDERS: Facebook – Twitter –  Discography

(concert pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume)