Manchester Misfits CHEW MAGNA Grab You By The Throat With ‘LISTLESS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

27 November 2021

Who: Rowdy noiseniks
from Manchester

New single: LISTLESS
Cacophonous blast from
upcoming debut LP

Laurie (frontman): “Listless is mostly
about wasting an abundance of potential.”

Score: All cylinders and burners on from the kick-off. No brakes.
No looking back. Expect an extended 70 seconds supersonic instrumental
intro, followed by buzzing vocal electricity before all hell breaks loose with
an adrenalized shot of guitar-crazy hysteria. Wait, it’s not over yet.

The helter-skelter restarts until the abrupt finish. I had to take a break before
I let the whirlwind overwhelm me again and again and again. A red-hot-smoking
shock-wave of maddened energy. Holy moly!

The accompanying Lynchian-meets-Bo Burnham video was created and filmed
by the band in a single day, in a cleared-out spare bedroom on zero budget.

Roll the tape and go nuts…

You can buy (name your price)
here on Bandcamp…

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