Melancholic Live Splendor – Enjoy Gripping Dutch Band CLASSIC WATER

1 February 2021

Due to that nasty coronavirus, it’s almost a year that live music was forced to go into quarantine. A real bummer if you’re a gig fanatic like me, but an even greater bummer
for the artists. Unfortunately, tons of small bands and indie musicians needed/will need
to call it a day.

But countless others refused to give up and organised/organise safe live sessions, from their homes or from an empty venue/location. A creative way to stay in touch with your fans.

CLASSIC WATER, a Dutch folk/pop band, fronted by singer/songwriter Tom Gerritsenb,
is one of them. A group that brings driving through dusty backroads of deserted villages, thinking back on what once was but will never be again, to mind.

They found a fitting, cozy barn to play these two beauties. New single Tomorrow and
last year’s emotive ballad Carthage. Two sweet heart-and-soul touching little pearls Jeff Buckley would approve of. Two romantic and melancholic wanderings to enjoy with a happy-go-lucky state of mind from your lazy couch in your living room.

Enjoy here…




Americana Gem From The Netherlands – ‘IT’S NEVER EASY’ By CLASSIC WATER

Relaxing musings for the laziest day of the week…

11 October 2020

CLASSIC WATER is a fresh indie act out of The Netherlands although they
sound like if they are from that legendary American music town Nashville.

Only last month they hit the scene with their irresistible, scintillating debut single
Living Likeness and now with the release of second single It’s Never Easy you
realize that this band will come up with something marked when their debut LP
will see the day of light in February 2021.

It’s Never Easy
is narrated by someone trying very hard to stay in control of things,
but slowly and steadily cracks start to appear in the façade

It’s a captivating, meditative gem, centered around a rollin’ guitar riff and sparkling
piano touches. The song moves and grooves all the way until the gospel-like handclap finale. Tom Gerritsen‘s Americana voice has that glowing timbre that made Ryan Adams and the late great Gram Parsons so emotionally special. Classic Water is about classic
high-quality songwriting. Great tune, bewitching sound, and alluring vocals.

Wake up early every morning just to get some peace of mind
Savor what remains of the images from the night
It’s never easy to continue
It’s always easier to say goodbye
It’s never easy to know what to
It’s always easier to say goodbye


(photo: Harold van de kamp / received with PR agent of  band))