Melancholic Live Splendor – Enjoy Gripping Dutch Band CLASSIC WATER

1 February 2021

Due to that nasty coronavirus, it’s almost a year that live music was forced to go into quarantine. A real bummer if you’re a gig fanatic like me, but an even greater bummer
for the artists. Unfortunately, tons of small bands and indie musicians needed/will need
to call it a day.

But countless others refused to give up and organised/organise safe live sessions, from their homes or from an empty venue/location. A creative way to stay in touch with your fans.

CLASSIC WATER, a Dutch folk/pop band, fronted by singer/songwriter Tom Gerritsenb,
is one of them. A group that brings driving through dusty backroads of deserted villages, thinking back on what once was but will never be again, to mind.

They found a fitting, cozy barn to play these two beauties. New single Tomorrow and
last year’s emotive ballad Carthage. Two sweet heart-and-soul touching little pearls Jeff Buckley would approve of. Two romantic and melancholic wanderings to enjoy with a happy-go-lucky state of mind from your lazy couch in your living room.

Enjoy here…




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