Darkwave Mavericks COLD CAVE Cover PSYCHIC TV – Hear Their Whipped Up Version Of ‘GODSTAR’ Here

5 September 2022

Los Angeles’ darkwave act COLD CAVE, the brainchild of
Wesley Eisold are ready for some live action (tour dates below).

Ahead of it they shared their terrifically bouncy cover of GODSTAR.

A 1985 PSYCHIC TV (British influential electro-dance legends conducted by
the late great Genesis P-Orridge) classic about the late blonde Rolling Stones’
God Brian Jones.

Feel the heat, capture the beat here…

Psychic TV original

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Darkwave Duo COLD CAVE Released New (Mini) Album ‘FATE IN SEVEN LESSONS’

17 June 2021

Band: COLD CAVE (Virginia Beach)
Who: Main man Wesley Eisold and Caralee McElroy
Active since 1995 / So far 2 longplayers and
several EPs/mini albums

Eisold hasn’t wanted to owe records to labels, and he
hasn’t had much faith in the primacy of the album as
a form. He’s talked about watching friends being trapped
“based on an outdated idea of a record cycle.”

Released: 11 June 2021 via Heartworm Press

Stereogum says: “All through Fate In Seven Lessons, Eisold and Lee sing
about human connection as a kind of impossible miracle: “A seething atheist
prayed for an angel.” The lyrics on the record concern past degradations and
the idea that giving yourself over to someone else, to building something else,
can be salvation… It’s the first Cold Cave album that’s truly exploded with joy.
If you can make truly happy music and remain goth, then you know it’s real.”

Turn Up The Volume: Like if British electro-pop champions
New Order
entered cold/dark wave territory – certainly on lead
single ‘Night Light’. Cold Cave sound, eh, like Cold Cave. Nightmarish
beats/synths/drums, winding melodies, bombastic orchestrations
and Wesley Eisold‘s familiar echoing baritone voice. Nothing new but
nothing bad either.

Singles/clips: Psalm 23 / Night Light

– PSALM 23 –


Stream/buy full album here…

COLD CAVE: Facebook

(images from CC albums via Bandcamp)


5 new firecrackers to boost your favorite 48 hours…

‘Psalm 23’ by COLD CAVE (L.A./New York)
This darksome Krautrock groove gets under your skin from the get-go and moves like a
nasty serpent. From the nightmare rockers’ new EP Fate In Seven Lessons out 11 June.

Press play…

‘Under The Waves’ by FUZZY LIGHTS (Cambridge, UK)
The song deals with the devastation of coral reefs, ocean resources, and our natural world. It’s a multi-waves-layered cruise, with featherlight romantic vocals à la The Sundays‘ lovely vox Harriet Wheeler, violin flashes, gusty drums and a charged guitar finale. This is a band that cares about nature and their music. From the band’s new 4th album Buriels.

Enjoy here…

‘The Garden’ by 3 LITTLE WOLVES (Birmingham)
Sounds like a little symphonic psych-rock trip starting with a rambling drum riff
that comes and goes and ghostly vocals floating all over it. Sonic spiritually, that
grows on you after a couple of plays.

Here’s why…

‘Born 2 Boogie’ by SUNSHINE & THE BLUE MOON
Some are born to be wild, some are born 2 boogie as did the late great Marc Bolan
(T. Rex) back in the 70s and these Canadians know how to move and groove too. Glorious organ, glorious flow, glorious swagger, glorious vocals. From their upcoming album, out 25th June.

Turn it up right here…

‘How Dare You Want More’ by BLEACHERS (NYC)
Jack Antonoff and his band premiered this new track on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.
A tremendously uptight tune with a shake & swing sax climax. From upcoming album
Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night.

Dance here…


See/hear you next week, music junkies…


To honor IAN CURTIS, the late iconic and troubled frontman of Manchester’s legends
JOY DIVISION, who took his own life 40 years ago, on 18 May 1980, Los Angeles’ post-
punk act COLD CAVE teamed up with the omnipresent MARK LANEGAN. As renowned connoisseurs of dark Goth-like nightmares themselves, this combo is just perfect for a Curtis tribute.

They picked ISOLATION to cover. Probably the most catchy Joy Division track, but also
a bleak self-reflection of low esteem by the band’s regretted protagonist. I’m pretty sure their choice refers also to the surreal lockdown days we all experience. The Cold Cave / Lanegan rendition is a respectful homage with an equally buzzing drive – rousing bass and glimmering synths – and heavyhearted vocals.

Mother I tried please believe me,
I’m doing the best that I can.
I’m ashamed of the things I’ve been put through,
I’m ashamed of the person I am.

Listen here…