Darkwave Duo COLD CAVE Released New (Mini) Album ‘FATE IN SEVEN LESSONS’

17 June 2021

Band: COLD CAVE (Virginia Beach)
Who: Main man Wesley Eisold and Caralee McElroy
Active since 1995 / So far 2 longplayers and
several EPs/mini albums

Eisold hasn’t wanted to owe records to labels, and he
hasn’t had much faith in the primacy of the album as
a form. He’s talked about watching friends being trapped
“based on an outdated idea of a record cycle.”

Released: 11 June 2021 via Heartworm Press

Stereogum says: “All through Fate In Seven Lessons, Eisold and Lee sing
about human connection as a kind of impossible miracle: “A seething atheist
prayed for an angel.” The lyrics on the record concern past degradations and
the idea that giving yourself over to someone else, to building something else,
can be salvation… It’s the first Cold Cave album that’s truly exploded with joy.
If you can make truly happy music and remain goth, then you know it’s real.”

Turn Up The Volume: Like if British electro-pop champions
New Order
entered cold/dark wave territory – certainly on lead
single ‘Night Light’. Cold Cave sound, eh, like Cold Cave. Nightmarish
beats/synths/drums, winding melodies, bombastic orchestrations
and Wesley Eisold‘s familiar echoing baritone voice. Nothing new but
nothing bad either.

Singles/clips: Psalm 23 / Night Light

– PSALM 23 –


Stream/buy full album here…

COLD CAVE: Facebook

(images from CC albums via Bandcamp)

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