SEXTILE – Los Angeles’ Electro-Punk Tornado PUSH You To The Dancefloor With Their New Explosive Album

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16 September 2023


Who: Electro-punk trio from Los Angeles, led by key members Brady Keehn and
Melissa Scaduto. Since emerging in 2015, they have been a party-provoking force
on the LA underground, capable of kicking up a riot with the raw-edged squall
of a synth or the sharp-elbowed jerk of a guitar.

So far they fabricated/released 2 albums:
A Thousand Hands (2015) and Albeit Living (2017)
and one EP (2018).

And number three just landed.

It’s named PUSH.
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Press info: “Sextile are now ready to rage with a serotonin-boosting new album, a new
group dynamic, faster BPMs, and an even wilder new direction. Recorded in Yucca Valley,
Push bounces and bops at the fringes of hardcore dance music, with the hallmarks of drum
& bass, gabber and trance illuminating the record like glow sticks at a ‘90s Fantazia rave.

Push was inspired by the kind of pleasure-seeking music fans whose social calendar comprises both the punk show and the rave. Josh Wink, Iggy Pop, Goldie, and early XL Recording shave all been name checked as influences onPush, and the dance floor remains a constant presence. Repping their place of origin, “New York” brings these musical touchstones off the page, guiding the album like an acid-soaked lodestar with its grinning nod to “Higher State ofConsciousness” and a whirly gig of music-box synths. There are still nods and “hellos” to the caustic post-punk of Sextile’s earlier work. Sextile haven’t relinquished their punk credentials, they’ve just given them a smiley-faced revamp.”

TUTV: Techno punk extravaganza. Chemical Brothers fused with drums & bass expert
Goldie‘s breakbeats and produced by NIN’s Trent Reznor. E-tastic nightclub fireworks. Saturday Night Fever for (il)legal raves on a modern weekend. Ghostly vocals coming
from LA’s underground while schizophrenic guitars rip your speakers.

24-party soundtrack for hedonists to lose themselves in again, before crashing.

Non-stop ominous electro-attacks keep on steamrolling out of your speakers
like sonic speedballs with the ferocious force of drilling hammers. Alice Glass,
Pussy Riot
and The Prodigy all rolled into one and pushing it to the limits.

Physical and mental preparedness required before entering Sextile‘s world.

SINGLES/CLIPS: New York / Crash



Don’t hesitate to buy tickets. They’re live beasts.
I know, I saw them before and will soon again.

SEXTILE: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter
TUTV: Facebook – Instagram – Linktree

Alarming Anthem – Irish Banshee AVA VOX Warns For A Fatal Future ‘CRASH’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

2 December 2021

Artist: AVA VOX

Who: Dublin native (real name Elaine Hannon) currently living in County Meath.
While she’s been involved with various music projects in the past few decades,
her Ava Vox persona emerged in September 2020. With a unique vocal timbre
and commanding delivery with a dash of Goth and Post-Punk, Ava Vox’s musical
style ranges from slow melodic atmospheric to dynamic rock.

FFO: Siouxsie & The Banshees, Autumn, Florence and the Machine, Divinyls,
The Danse Society, Rough Trade (Carole Pope), Joy Division, The Cure, Nick Cave

New single: CRASH
From the same-titled debut LP, out on 16 December

Vox: “‘Crash’ brings you somewhere – to a place, to another dimension, another time / futuristic. The music and the words lead me to create a music video (forthcoming) about
the consequences of Global warming/climate change, to our planet and the human race.”

Score: When pitch-black Goth vibrations, dark sonic waves, whamming rock, and
mystifying vocals come together there’s a big chance for a crash. When humankind
keeps on messing up the climate, nature, and its own existence there’s a big chance
for a crash. When you combine this music the lyrics of this ominous warning together
you hear the sound of the world crashing down with a big bang. Both scary and overwhelming.

This alarming anthem predicts a doomed
future if we don’t act now and here…

AVA VOX: Facebook

Photos by Laelia Milleri Photography