Alarming Anthem – Irish Banshee AVA VOX Warns For A Fatal Future ‘CRASH’

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2 December 2021

Artist: AVA VOX

Who: Dublin native (real name Elaine Hannon) currently living in County Meath.
While she’s been involved with various music projects in the past few decades,
her Ava Vox persona emerged in September 2020. With a unique vocal timbre
and commanding delivery with a dash of Goth and Post-Punk, Ava Vox’s musical
style ranges from slow melodic atmospheric to dynamic rock.

FFO: Siouxsie & The Banshees, Autumn, Florence and the Machine, Divinyls,
The Danse Society, Rough Trade (Carole Pope), Joy Division, The Cure, Nick Cave

New single: CRASH
From the same-titled debut LP, out on 16 December

Vox: “‘Crash’ brings you somewhere – to a place, to another dimension, another time / futuristic. The music and the words lead me to create a music video (forthcoming) about
the consequences of Global warming/climate change, to our planet and the human race.”

Score: When pitch-black Goth vibrations, dark sonic waves, whamming rock, and
mystifying vocals come together there’s a big chance for a crash. When humankind
keeps on messing up the climate, nature, and its own existence there’s a big chance
for a crash. When you combine this music the lyrics of this ominous warning together
you hear the sound of the world crashing down with a big bang. Both scary and overwhelming.

This alarming anthem predicts a doomed
future if we don’t act now and here…

AVA VOX: Facebook

Photos by Laelia Milleri Photography

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