A Match Made In Heaven – 13-Year Old Singer NELL SMITH And THE FLAMING LIPS Cover NICK CAVE

2 December 2021


Nell is a 13-year old fan of Oklahoma’s eccentric Lips.
Frontman Wayne Coyne spotted her at one point as she
attended several gigs with her father. They got in touch
and after Coyne found out that she’s a singer he proposed
her to work with the band on a Nick Cave tribute album he
already had in mind for some time.

They got all in the studio and the result is a 9-song Nick Cave
covers album baptized WHERE THE VIADUCT LOOMS with
Nell Smith on vocals.

Released: 26 November 2021
Order info (MP3 and cassette): here

Coyne: “It is always great to meet excited, young creative people.
With Nell we could see she is on a journey and thought it would be
fun to join her for a while and see if we could get things going. It was
a great way to connect with her and help harness her cool attitude
to making music.”

(The Flaming Lips – Amsterdam 2018 – photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Smith: “I still can’t really believe it. It was a really steep learning curve
but Wayne was so encouraging when I was struggling with a few of the
songs that I kept going. I hadn’t heard of Nick Cave but Wayne suggested
that we should start with an album of his cover versions, and then look at
recording some of my own songs later. It was cool to listen and learn about
Nick Cave and pick the songs we wanted to record.”

Nick Cave: “I’m a fan.”

Turn Up The Volume: Covers/tribute albums are a tricky thing, certainly
when it’s about songs of a famous artist. In that case, millions know the tunes
grooved in their memory by heart and stick with the original version, like me.
Therefore the majority of covers LPs vanish very quickly into oblivion. But not
this one.


One: Nell Smith has an entrancing
and starry-eyed vox.

Two: Her near-whispering timbre, her spot-on
phrasing, her overall approach to the chosen
tracks resonates like an experienced pro at work.

Three: The musical framework is vintage Flaming Lips,
fairytale-like and crystal-clear, and never gets in the way
of Nell‘s voice. It’s a match made in heaven.

Four: I’m a devoted Nick and Lips fan.

Five: Kudos to Nell. A teenager taking on Cave songs is simply
sensational as such, and doing it this way – with the majestic
orchestral help of Flaming Lips – is nothing less than maestoso,
also knowing that she never heard of the Australian star crooner
before (or maybe that actually helped?).

One of the highlights…

Full album stream via Spotify…

NELL SMITH: Facebook

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