CROSS WIRES Causing Loud and Clear SLOW WAVES…


From East London, England. Here’s… CROSS WIRES


High-voltage havoc. Muscled panache. Raging vocals. Barbed wire guitars. Charged uproar. Fists punching in the air. 1978 Revisited. With sharp teeth & a grim Mark E. Smith attitude.

SLOW WAVES is the new CROSS WIRES track. And there’s more good news. The band will
finally release their debut LP early next year. Stay alert, stay tuned, stay¬†wired, just stay…

CROSS WIRES: More wires on Bandcamp – Facebook –¬†Twitter

CROSS WIRES – New Track ‘Pink Dogs’ Is An Anger Driven Guitar Blast…


British post punks CROSS WIRES already proved their fully charged uproar potential before with some boiling EPs (Bandcamp link beneath). Brand new single PINK DOGS confirms their high-voltage approach. The engine of this track is a haunting Interpol riff that runs madly on repeat throughout this anger driven track and fuels this powered quartet to unleash their demons. Explosive stuff to share with your neighbours without asking them. Play loud!…

CROSS WIRES: Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter