Riveting International Trio SHYBITS Hits Again With New Lively Single ‘CRYING’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

14 October 2019

(pic by Skylar Kang)


Who: An international Brighton/Berlin based trio that produces “a fuzzy,
feel-good sound reminiscent of post punk and 90s garage rock”

Pick: CRYING – newest single is “about a moment of nostalgic romance,
mistaking a lover crying unnecessary tears.

Score: After their tantalizing summer strokeĀ Colours this most energetic trio nails it again with new lively corker ‘Crying‘. Centered around a clobbering bass riff and a sort of metallic Gang of Four like guitar line this tear-jerking stomper develops a formidable swagger that explodes every time the peppy chorus kicks in. Effective firework! Capture the bustling sparks right here…

SHYBITS: Facebook – ‘Crying’ available on iTunes