Giant Emo Hardcore From (Yes) New Delhi – AARLON Overawe With Debut Album ‘DAFAN’

20 April 2022

Who: an Indian alternative rock/metal band based in New Delhi, India.
One of the few bands in India who bring metal in their mother tongue.

New album: DAFAN

“An eight-track-long album and in the truest sense it’s a deeply melancholic record.
Though we’d like to describe our debut album as “melancholic rock”, it successfully
features elements of hard-rock, metalcore, indie, and alternative, amongst other

It is a 35-minute journey through the gamut of emotions a human being can experience
in his lifetime shackled in the cages of a capitalist society. Though there is not one central theme, the dark realities of a human soul have been laid down bare, without a shame. So
in a sense, this is a commentary to all of us who would always point fingers, act defensive
and offensive but fail to recognise our spitefulness and flaws.”

Turn Up The Volume: Once again here’s proof that the power of music has no boundaries, no borders, and no frontiers, certainly when you deliver a sky-high
powered killer album like Aarlon does here.

They combine a mind-and-body crushing mix of hefty hardcore (Inquilaab), manicial
metal (Vidroh) with hellish Metallica echoes (Vidroh) and fanatical and histrionic ballads
(Tu / Saavan / Aaina) with a gigantically emotional force.

No, I don’t understand Indian, but it doesn’t hold back to go out of my head (btw most
of the time I don’t understand English/American screaming hardcore freaks either).

Keep on rockin’ hard in the free hardcore world Aarlon.

Singles/clips: Inquilaab / Vidroh / Panchhi




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