DAVIE MUDIE Aka L.A. MOOD Catches The Sun For Everyone Of Us

New striking strokes

29 May 2022

Artist: L. A. MOOD
Who: The solo project of Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Dave Mudie. He’s the full-time drummer for Courtney Barnett, and has played in upwards of 40 other bands and counting – for him, touring down-time means burying himself in studio projects and playing local gigs.

New single: CATCH THE SUN
First single from the forthcoming album
A Print Out Of The Sun via Cheersquad

L.A. Mood: “The first sample you hear on this song is my daughter’s heartbeat when she was in the womb, and that’s how the beat came about. Everything was then layered over the top. The lyric which I had for a few years became a bit of mantra to me during recording, long tours and lockdown, trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel, really. ‘We’ll try and catch the sun for you and everyone.’ I also really like how the piano and harmonies work together on this one.”

Turn Up The Volume: I love amplified psych-pop bangers with a 60s blissful injection
like this. Its dazzling drive stimulates your adrenaline production and accelerates your bloodstream. Its hopped-up glee makes you forget the messed-up reality for 207 seconds. And more on repeat, of course.

We’ll try and catch the sun
For you and everyone
We’ll try and catch the sun
For you and everyone

Press play and enjoy the sun…

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