BY FAR – Belgian Power Pop Combo Impress Big Time With Debut Single ‘BRICKS’

23 May 2023

Band: BY FAR
Who: A Belgian unit founded in 2017 by singer-songwriter Jacob Vermeire
who needed a way to express his feelings and found it in his music.

Debut single: BY FAR

The song’s lyrics take you through various events in Jacob’s life. Life isn’t always nice. Difficult relationships, precious losses, these are things that everyone experiences, but which we cannot all talk about equally well. The band succeeds wonderfully in converting these vulnerable feelings into melancholic pop-rock songs.

Artwork single

TUTV: Talking about an impressive debut. Bricks is an emotive introspection wrapped
in a glorious melody that strikes your ears from the kick-off. An arousing gem that resonates like a vibrant Americana song of veteran songsmith John Mellencamp and the poppy moments of Violent Femmes. Strumming guitars, infectious flow, impassioned vocals and an uplifting chorus. Top pop thrill that elevates restless minds, by far.

Tune in.

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Belgian Electrical Rock-Pop Outfit SCARS FOR DAVID Debut With Dashing Single ‘RANGO’

15 May 2023

(Promo pic)

Who: Pop-rock 4-piece from
Ghent, Belgium

Debut single: RANGO

TUTV: Rango is a dashing slice of music. It combines a toe-tapping reggae groove with
a bluesy chorus and somewhere along the way, an Eric Clapton-like guitar solo cranking
up the vibe. Cool, right? Unquestionable. This is the kind of full of pep tunes that get
you through the day while shaking your hips. The singer sings at one point “There’s No Space For Happines“. Don’t worry be happy, you scored a notable debut.

Tune in.


Candian One-Man Rock Band GOLDRIDGE Hits Big Time With Debut Single ‘WORTH IT’

2 May 2023

Press Photo: Courtney Michaud

Who: The musical project of Canadian
alternative rock artist; Andrew Reinhardt.

Debut single: WORTH IT

“It’s about the ability to know your self worth and what you deserve from a relationship. You should each be able to help the other become their best selves and feel supported. Everyone has their own sense of commitment and self worth, and the lyrics in this song can really make you reflect on that”.

Artwork: Marie Rupolo

TUTV: Worth it is a mid-tempo rock ripper going forth and back with fervent drums force.
It’s a Herculean, inflammatory guitar-riff-packed sledgehammer that detonates every time the titanic chorus attacks your stereo. Quite some bang-on debut.

Bang your head here.

Giving it all in the studio.

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Harmonious London Trio THE WAY AFTER Debut With Their Accoustic Reverie ‘HEAR THE BIRD SING’

New striking strokes

11 April 2023

Who: A trio from London, formed in 2020, but with
a shared misspent youth in indie-rock bands.

Debut single: HEAR THE BIRD SING
It’s the first track from their upcoming debut album.

TUTV: Fitting tune for sunlit Spring days while hoping for a warm summer.
It’s an acoustic reverie floating sky-high with its mellow, infectious euphony
and breezy harmonies bringing the 4-vocalists-supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash
and Young to mind. Romantic strings make this gentle debut ditty complete.


Frost covers the ground
Silver trees are swaying in the breeze
I’m freezing
I’ve lost more than I’ve found
Still I think I understand when you reach for my hand
To keep from falling

Further on we go
From the road the distant traffic far receding
The birdsong louder grows
Silent otherwise
I see your eyes see everything
I see you smile to hear the bird sing in the snow
And I know how you must feel
For I have heard you singing in the morning

Little bird we sing
Soon the spring will come and bring the sun to follow
It changes everything
The snow it melts away
I see you changing everyday
Until the day I leave you standing on your own
And it’s more than I can stand
But then you take my hand to stop me falling.

Stream/buy here.


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British Quartet THE CRYSTAL TEARDROP Take Us To The Swinging Sixties With Psych Pop Gem ‘NINE TIMES NINE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries.

10 April 2023

Who: British quartet inspired by a mutual passion for the sights,
sounds and creative experimentation of the mid to late 1960s with
its unique blend of garage rock, psychedelia and acid folk.

Debut single: NINE TIMES NINE

TUTV: Straight for the swinging sixties come The Crystal Teardrop with
a vintage psych-pop gem that could be written by Californian legends
The Mamas & Papas
. Layered vocals, jangly guitars (playing backward at
one point. Remember The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows song?) and an
infectious chorus. All you need to play this nostalgic humdinger 81 times
on repeat.

Start here.

Buy the track here via Bandcamp.

THE CRYSTAL TEARDROP: Instagram – Facebook

British Indie Rockers IT MAN Make An Instant Impact With Their Jangly Debut Earworm ‘WHITE HEAT’

5 April 2023

(Photo by JCR)

Band: IT MAN (UK)
Who: New indie quartet formed out of the ashes of
‘s outfit The Jacques who made punk-pop waves
for 8 years.

Debut single: WHITE HEAT

A satirical romp through the fictional psyche of a young, middle-class
20th-century couple fantasizing about explosives, casual gambling and
being the late actor Ray Liotta.

White Heat was recorded by the legendary The Strokes producer Gordon
and produced & mixed by another producer giant Dan Swift.

TUTV: Oh man, oh man. Instantly infectious tunes like this one make my
vibrating ears’ day in a split second. This jingle-jangle guitar thrill sticks like
deluxe glue from the kick-off until the finish. Its frisky and zippy cadence, its
witty story, its zippy chorus and laid-back vocals combine for 3-minutes of
electric pop buzz.

The repeat button was invited for earworms like this.

Go la-la-la…

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(photo on top via Cannonballpr)

Vancouver Indies DANI BLOND & THE VELVET GRIP Nail It Right Away With Their Debut Single ‘RED SKY’

31 March 2023


Who: Fresh indie act hailing from the lush forests of Central Vancouver Island.
They boast a sound and energy that waxes and wanes like the rough waters
from which they began and blend an exciting mix of emotionally charged
grooves, dynamic high-energy beats, and entrancing, atmospheric layers.

Influences: Florence + The Machine, Sigur Ros and The Weakerthans.

Debut single: RED SKY

Dani Blond (vocals/songwriter) “When I wrote this song I was thinking about these kids who are, today, experiencing the horrors of war as a way of life. This is something I could never understand due to the privileged life I live. This song came tumbling out of me quickly. It serves as a reminder for myself that there are many people in this world having extremely different experiences than mine, and that I am privileged and have an opportunity to feel grateful for what I have.

This is also a song about the human experience. The duality of light and dark that we are all immersed in. This is not only within our external worlds but our internal worlds as well. Peace and war, innocence and treacherousness, the light and the dark, this duality connects us all.”

Artwork single

TUTV: After hearing Red Sky one time I added these debuting indies immediately to my must-follow list. Why? This very first single captures your aural attention on the spot. It’s
a high-strung power-pop feat that progresses, bit by bit, with dazzling guitar lines and Blond‘s mettlesome vocals, to a feverish climax. It reflects the song’s theme of life’s dual issues with haunting intenseness. Proof again that worrying times can lead to heartfelt music. Score!

Press play.

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Serbian Musician ANDREJA RODIĆ Mixes Shoegaze And Space Rock On His Debut Single ‘VIVID DREAM’

First releases

28 March 2023

ANDREJA RODIĆ is a Serbian artist. He’s the guitarist of Belgrade’s noise band Kalibar.

He just released his solo debut single, entitled VIVID DREAM. An intriguing instrumental piece that made an impact on Turn Up The Volume‘s ears. It’s an inventive mix of shoegazy guitar layers, space rock and lots of percussion with a weird fade-out sequence starting somewhere in the middle. Peculiar stuff.

Press play.
Get puzzled.

Bitume Records (France): Bandcamp

Seattle’s Tantalizing Synth Pop Trio GHOST FETISH Nail It Right Away With Debut Single ‘LIPSTICK’

14 March 2023

Who: A synth-fueled post-punk
trio from Seattle, WA.

Debut single: LIPSTICK

“Lipstick follows the obscure path of desire. Stretched between the lingering
impression of a touch lost to time, and the unshakable sense of its inevitable

TUTV: What a way to debut! Expect a sickly sticky dancefloor gem
with a synth-tantalizing vibe reminiscent of the starry-eyed sparks of
British electro-pop heroes New Order. And is that Hooky on bass?

Lipstick is both a sensuous and affectional tune with gripping vocals up front
and melancholic ones in the back. At times it feels like the track will erupt into
an avid disco stomper. Maybe this debut is a foreplay teaser and the follow-up
will be an orgastic energizer. Anyway Ghost Fetish have my aural and hip-shaking
attention and will have yours too.

Tune in.

GHOST FETISH: Facebook – Instagram

Female Electro Pop Trio CHIC CHOC Fight For Women’s Rights With Debut Dance Floor Knockout ‘FREEDOM’

9 March 2023

Who: Three musically seasoned Amazons from NYC using drum machines,
synthesizers, guitars, voice and a variety of sound filters and pedals to make
their point.

Debut single: FREEDOM

“Freedom“ is an anthem for bringing on change, written with the intention
to bring light to the constant battle for women’s rights. Each of the cities they
sing about have particular instances associated with them where women were
treated unjustly.

TUTV: It’s an incredible shame that women still have to fight for so many fundamental rights. It’s bloody 2023 and so much female injustice is still a reality. So, it’s great that female artists get up, stand up and fight for their right to tackle this human disease.

Chic Choc do it right away on their fantastic debut single. An electronic-booming EBM knockout to fill dance floors with. Boosting beats, catching chorus, sensuous vocals and
a protesting choir, combine for a sassy stunner. Bang-on. Le freak, c’est chique choc.

Freedom for every woman on the planet.

CC: Facebook – Instagram