††† (aka CROSSES) Are DEFTONES Singer CHINO MORENO And Producer-Multi-Instrumentalist SHAUN LOPEZ

Works harder and faster than caffeine

21 November 2022

aka CROSSES is Deftones singer Chino Moreno and producer/multi-instrumentalist SHAUN LOPEZ. They work for a long time together now, on and off, on the Crosses project.

(Credit: Press †††)

A new 6-track EP titled PERMANENT.RADIANT
will roll in on 9 December. Pre-order info here.

Ahead of it comes this 2nd taster named SENSATION.
A slow-burning and emotive musing that builds up the
tension with the chorus.

Press play.

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Smells Like Your Own Summer – Rowdy Philly Rockers Cover NIRVANA And DEFTONES

Artists doing other artists

6 May 2022

Rowdy Philly rockers RID OF ME unleashed
two bold covers of two grunge giants.

The first one is their mind-blowing and thunderous take on
Deftones‘ riff-insane 1997 smack My Own Summer (Shove It).

Bang your head here…

The Deftones original…


The second cover is Rid Of Me‘s wailing guitars interpretation
of Nirvana‘s timeless blockbuster Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smell here…

I guess you heard the original before…

RID OF ME: Facebook

Mission accomplished, have a drink, guys

(photo press – FB Rid Of Me)

Metallic Riff Hammer – DEFTONES Drop New Cut From Upcoming LP

New sonic impulses

19 September 2020

Next week – 25th September – metallic noise-rockers
DEFTONES launch their new, ninth, album OHMS.

Last month the Californian bullies attacked our speakers with the title
track (listen below). And here’s another crackerjack called GENESIS.
A ferocious riff hammer accompanied by a dazzling black & white clip.

Press play…

Lead-single and title track…

DEFTONES: Facebook

Five Fervent Firecrackers – STAY ON TRACK IN THE WEEKEND…

21 August / 23 August 2020…

Five new firecrackers to boost your favorite 48 hours…

1. ‘Hail Taxi’ by METZ
These Canadians have slash and trash chromosomes in their DNA. Their wall-of-balls-crushing racket is massive. New, fourth longplayer Atlas Vending out 9th October.

2. ‘Ohms’ by DEFTONES
The title track from new album OHMS, out 25 September. A robust mid-tempo slam. “We’ve never just been a metal band, we’ve never just been an alternative band, we’ve always just been us.” says frontman Chino Moreno in an interview with NME.

Hypnotic, intimidating, and ongoing bleeps and beeps trip. Lead-single
from new album Shadow Of Fear, first in 26 years. Out 20 November.

4. ‘Nightmares’ by ALICE GLASS
A furious electro sledgehammer by former Crystal Castles voice. “If this was
ever a part of me/ Then I’ll rip it out/ You’re not a part of me/ Cause I don’t want it.”

5. ‘If I Had My Way’ by OSEES
24/7 garage rock junk John Dwyer releases a new longplayer called Protean Threat
with Osees one of his many outfits. This new cut is a buzzing 60s prog rock stroke. Yeah!…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…