Movie Of Best Belgian Band Ever… dEUS

21 November 2020

The best band ever in Belgium? Without a shadow of a doubt dEUS. They hit the scene
in 1991, almost 30 years ago, making a lot of waves all over Europe. They made 7 albums, from good to awesome, and were/still are a must-see live band, as I experienced myself countless times.

A documentary called CONFESSIONS TO dEUS about our national heroes and
their fans premiered on TV a couple of days ago and will soon be issued on DVD.

Never heard of them? Here’s a fab-tastic idea with Theme From Turnpike.
A breathtaking rock beast growing slowly but surely into a jaw-dropping jam…

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(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

One Festival Track A Day Turns Summer Into Holiday – dEUS At Pukkelpop Festival Belgium – 2009

Memorable festival flashes from the past to heal this summer’s ‘no festivals’ pain…

‘Theme From Turnpike’ by dEUS at Pukkelpop Fest, Belgium 2009
Released as a single from their 2nd LP In A Bar, Under The Sea (1996)
One of the best live bands ever, I can tell as I saw them about 25 times.

Mind-boggling performance…

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(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Belgium’s Supreme Collective dEUS Released Its Splendid Debut Longplayer ‘WORST CASE SCENARIO’ 25 Years Ago Today…

16 September 2019

25 years ago
this day, 16 September 1994, legendary Belgian rockers dEUS released their dumbfound debut album ‘WORST CASE SCENARIO’.  What started as a bunch of music freaks sharing albums they liked the best, from Tom Waits to Captain Beefheart and some Frank Zappa insanity in between, turned into one of the best Belgian bands ever, led by charismatic frontman Tom Barman.  ‘WCS‘ was the spectacular start of a (still ongoing)
phenomenal career with many baffling LP’s, several line-ups and tons of astounding live performances (of which I attented many). Eventually Worst Case Scenario sold more than 300,000 copies and dEUS scored better and more with every new release from then on.

ALL MUSIC wrote: “The five-piece spent its time exploring its own interesting rock zone, referencing back to classic rock influences and jazz pioneers as much as any of its many frazzled contemporaries. It’s a bit facile to say that if Tom Waits were a young guy in 1992 he might have formed this band, but there’s something agreeably impassioned and rough about Worst Case Scenario which calls to mind Waits’ own avant- garage jazz efforts in the mid-’80s… Tom Barman’s singing hits both loud, full-bodied shrieks, and low-and-slow as needed, while the band in general strike a great balance between straight-ahead performance and subtle studio trickery…” Full review here. Score 4,5/5

Three key tracks…



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Album in full…

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Still  Belgium’s leading motherrockers….