Waking Up With Belgian Gods dEUS And The Phenomenal Title Track Of New LP

Works faster and harder than caffeine

14 February 2023

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Without a shadow of a doubt in my mind dEUS
is the best band ever in Belgium‘s music history,
on record and on stage.

They rock their tails off since 1991. And a couple of weeks
ago they announced their 8th LP called HOW TO REPLACE IT
which lands this Friday, 17th February. Their first full-length in
10 years.

Order info here.

Ahead of Friday the Belgian Gods make us drool again with another piece off the longplayer, the title track. A phenomenal tour de force. A mid-tempo stunner, driven
by big drums and frontman Tom Barman‘s mesmerizing vocality, and advances with swelling orchestration onto the grand symphonic climax.

Press play.

dEUS: Linktree

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