On Valentine’s Day In 1970 THE WHO Played A Concert In LEEDS

Back in time

14 February 2023

On 14 February 1970, this day 53 years ago British legends THE WHO,
then at the peak of their game, played a gig at Leeds University in England.

The show was recorded for a live album, simply called LIVE AT LEEDS.

It’s regarded by many critics and countless music fans as the best live
rock LP in history, but not by me. If the hair on the back of my head doesn’t
rise up when I put a record on, it means, that I’m not really impressed, like
in this case. Mind you, my ears do not care about my hair and recognize great
albums which Live At Leeds is, but my ears also tell me that it’s not a solid gold

Anyway, here’s that by now historic gig in full.

Well, while we here, I’ll reveal my Best Ever Live Album.

Rock ‘n’ Roll AnimalLou Reed – 1974

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