DEUX FURIEUSES Share Another Taut Track From Their New LP – Here’s ‘CIVILIANS’…

Brand new sonic impulses

8 August 2019

(photo/artwork Dan Donovan)

Feminist warriors DEUX FURIEUSES are gearing up to unleash their second LP, entitled
MY WAR IS YOUR WAR after scoring one of the best debut albums of 2016 with their first-class longplayer Tracks Of Wire. Last month they released the loud and rough lead single 
A Year Of Rage. And now here’s another solid slam…

CIVILIANS is a track inspired by “a robot politician on TV denying what was clearly true”. It’s
a tense, slow-burning eruption. It’s a dark-edged sockdolager. It’s another sonic proof of this committed duo’s dynamic and crystal clear expressiveness. Catch their vigorous drift here…

deux furieuses: Facebook

New album ‘MY WAR IS YOUR WAR’ out 18th October – Pre-order facilities here

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For JULY 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A tasty cocktail of roaring rippers and sassy strokes.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout July Team!

1. ‘Letter Never Sent’ by MARK LANEGAN BAND (Washington, US)
The man’s vox never sounded so bright, so un-dark and peppy. This is a swirling
score from his band’s upcoming album ‘Somebody’s Knocking‘, out in October.

2. ‘Better To Know’ by PALM GHOSTS (Nahville, US)
Driving beat, exuberant flow, sparky guitars, punchy chorus. Guitar pop at its very best.

3. ‘Repetition’ by RIDE (UK)
A sickly sticky groover from the shoegaze heroes’ new album ‘This Is Not A Safe Place’.

4. ‘Wizard’ by BATZ (Melbourne, AUS)
Bang-up crackerjack with an instant impact that will make you dance your ass off! Hot hit!

5. ‘Year Of Rage’ by deux furieuses (London, UK)
Open windows & doors, turn up the decibels and play this thumping manifesto LOUD!

6. ‘Too Much Money’ by AUTOMATIC (L.A., CA, US)
This ongoing addictive ripper cuts like a Swiss knife. Speedy, magnetic and puzzling. Bingo!

7. ‘She’s Fine’ by THE RED FUZE (Sweden)
From the get-go this infectious corker will infiltrate your inner stereo system. Stellar drive.

8. ‘Let It Out’ by KATH & THE KICKS (Leeds, UK)
Pounding panache, exotic sounding strings & vibrant chorus. Result: irresistible swagger!

9. ‘Stay High’ by BRITTANY HOWARD (Athens, Alabama, US)
A glowing tribute to her father. From the modern queen of soul’s upcoming solo LP Jaime’

10. ‘The Highway Again’ by REMINGTON SUPER 60 (Norway)
Sonic daydream bringing VU and Stereolab‘s moony moments to mind. Starry-eyed beauty!

11. ‘Sleepwalk Reverie’ by JINDALEE (Toronto, Canada)
A soothing, soulful and sensuous electronic beauty. Tempting and alluring musing. Top!

See/hear you next month, music junkies…

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DEUX FURIEUSES Are Back With A New Fiery Slam – Here’s ‘YEAR OF RAGE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

3 July 2019

(photo/artwork Dan Donovan)

After releasing one of the best debut albums of 2016 with their barbed powerhouse outburst ‘Tracks Of Wire’, politically outspoken and socially committed London’s brisk
rock duo deux feurieuses is back with the lead single of their new upcoming LP. As we
all know this planet has become an entirely different place to live in these past few years,
a disastrous divided one where egoism, racism, sexism and inequality reign again thanks to obsessive and narcissistic right-wing world leaders preaching damaging hate and hazardous nationalism.

Enough reasons for a ‘YEAR OF RAGE‘. Open your windows and doors,
turn up the decibels and play this new thumping sonic manifesto LOUD…

deux furieuses: Facebook

New album ‘MY WAR IS YOUR WAR’ out 18th October – Pre-order facilities here

DEUX FURIEUSES – Back With Crystal Clear Anti-Establishment Single ‘SILENCED BY THE ROAR’…

‘Silenced By The Roar’ by DEUX FURIEUSES

After last year’s excellent and highly praised powerhouse debut album TRACKS OF WIRE
– one of the best LP’s on my 2016 list – outspoken and socially caring London-based duo DEUX FURIEUSES is back with brand new digital single SILENCED BY THE ROAR. The two vital savages, Ros Cairney (guitar, vocals) and Vas Antoniadou (drums, vocals), clarify the fury behind the fresh, cutting post-Brexit track : “it is about the ascendancy of the English ‘roar’, how we feel increasingly silenced by the government’s ‘Crush the saboteurs’ mentality and let down by ‘piss poor politicians’ who are unable to articulate a response to the failures of democracy and the big issues of our times. The song ends with a rallying cry of intent
influenced by protests we have been part of outside Downing Street

This gloriously noisy and sharply observant tandem realize perfectly that our daily life
is affected by politics, that politics dominate society 24/7. And as dangerous and idiotic politicians rule this troubled world today DEUX FURIEUSES step up – again – and use
their vivacious voice and sonic vehemence to ventilate their justified critical anger and social concern. This is an important band. This is a crystal clear frustration stroke…

If you dance with the devil
You’re gonna get burned
Are you ready for the sound
Of tables being turned?
Enemies of the people
Stand up to hate
Citizens of nowhere
Die at the gate
We’re all just sleepwalking into hell

England has roared
Silence the hope
Red lines are crossed
Give me the rope
We’re all just sleepwalking into hell
Give me some hope
We can break the spell
Just say the word
And we’re hypnotised
This world’s a mess
And we’re paralysed

Trick of the light
Twist of the tongue
Looks like the truth
Is not for everyone

We will not be silenced
We will not be silenced

We’re all just sleepwalking into hell
Give me some hope
We can break the spell
Just say the word
And we’re hypnotised
This world’s a mess
And we’re paralysed

We will not be silenced
By history repeating
We will not be silenced
By racist propaganda
We will not be silenced
By piss poor politicians
The will of the people
Is not what I believe in

DEUX FURIEUSES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

‘Silenced by the Roar’ was produced and mixed by Mark Freegard at Kyoti Studio, Glasgow.
It will be released digitally on 9 June. Details on Bandcamp / (photos by Dan Donovan)

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN! The 7 Knockout Albums That Energized My Ears And Mind In 2016…


1/ ‘Peace & Truce Of Future Of The Left’ by FUTURE OF THE LEFT (Wales/UK)
The slashing combination of frontman Andrew Falkous’ sarcastic, verbal virtuosity & explosive vocals with the band’s smashing hacksaw drones make me feel MENTAL!…
THE PEACE & TRUCE on Spotify 
FUTURE OF THE LEFT: Website – Facebook

2/ ‘Femejism’ by DEAP VALLY (Los Angeles, CA, US)
This merciless hittin’ female duo’s second album is a badass killer opus filled with tons of dynamite blues rock. Troy‘s borderline vox & Edwards’ fierce drumming are lethal weapons!
FEMEJISM on Spotify
DEAP VALLY: Website –  Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘The Dancer’ by COCAINE PISS (Liege, Belgium)
Deafening exorcism with 90 seconds hardcore sledgehammers attacking all your senses non-stop. This 4-piece explores the sharp edge of insanity with mind-boggling outbursts…
THE DANCER on Bandcamp
COCAINE PISS: Facebook – You Tube

4/ ‘Chaosmosis’ by PRIMAL SCREAM (Scotland)
Best amplified pop album of the year to soundtrack your 24-hour Saturday Night Fever…
PRIMAL SCREAM: Website – Facebook

5/ ‘Songs For Our Mothers’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY (London, UK)
Maddest, most controversial and anarchistic gang in years producing mind-blowing electronic guitar grooves. From ecstasy injected euphoria to lazy lo-fi Valium chants…
FAT WHITE FAMILY: Facebook – Twitter

6/’Honeymoon on Mars’ by THE POP GROUP (Bristol,UK)
The legendary post-punk prostitutes still funk acutely against the grain with abrasive flare and adrenaline injected dance eccentricity for all the surviving citizen zombies out there…
THE POP GROUP: Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Tracks Of Wire’ by DEUX FURIEUSES (London, UK)
Loud and proud debut album by two outspoken and deeply caring female rebels.
An unambiguous, honest and challenging powerhouse LP about social injustices…
TRACKS OF WIRE on Bandcamp
DEUX FURIEUSES: Website – Facebook – Twitter


MY 2016 ALL STAR TEAM – 21 Captivating Crackers…


21 Outstanding Killer Tracks
Dancing Inside My Head
This Past Scary Year…

The Best of All in 2016
21 Knockout Number Ones
Sonic Food for Body & Soul

Start the party! HELL YEAH!

1/ ‘Whitest Boy On The Beach’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY (Sheffield, England)
Smacked out Götterdämmerung disco drive. Irresistible groove to keep Satan happy…
Album:  Songs For Our Mothers fwf7

2/ ‘Trippin’ On Your Love’ by PRIMAL SCREAM  (Scotland/UK)
Saturday Night Fever rapture with an elevating gospel feel. Magical pop spirituality…
Album: Chaosmosis primalscremblog

3/ ‘Black Hanz’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ (London/Leeds, UK)
“You can hit the outsiders, but you can not beat them!” Let’s dance before we’re all doomed…
EP: 4-track here on iTunes

4/ ‘Zipperface’ by THE POP GROUP (Bristol, UK)
Imperishable post-punk legends with an adrenaline injection to activate your lazy limbs…
New album: Honeymoon On Mars

5/ ‘Disco Glove’ by EXPLODED VIEW (Berlin/Mexico City/UK)
Twisted rhythmic machinery & singer Anika ranting about Robert De Niro. Screwdriver!…
Album: self-titled debut ‘Exploded View’ – here on Bandcamp

6/ ‘Step Up’ by White (Glasgow, Scotland)
Deranged funk madness pushed by an incendiary engine. Mind-boggling score!…
EP: Cuts That Don’t Bleed

7/ ‘One’ by  PSYCHO COMEDY (Liverpool, England)
Unstoppable psych steamroller getting more stormy with every second. Glorious debut…

8/ ‘Gonnawanna’ by DEAP VALLY (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Hammering Californian duo returned this year with tons of red-hot blues rock dynamite…
New album: Femejism

9/ ‘Disco’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Doom punk boogie to set fire to underground discotheques around the globe. Killer cut!…
Album: Glow In The Dark

10/ ‘The Itch’ by CROWS (London, UK)
These sinewy blusterers turn grimness into a forceful energy. Apocalyptic thunder!…
EP: brand new 4-track titled ‘Cold Comfort’ – here on iTunes

11/ ‘If AT&T Drank Tea What Would BP Do’ by FUTURE OF THE LEFT (Wales/UK)
Andrew Falkous’ biting, verbal virtuosity and smashing hacksaw drones! Kick ass havoc…
Album: ‘The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left’ – here on Bandcamp

12/ ‘Hypnotised’ by SLAVES (London, UK)
The 2-piece punk army will thrill all your senses while messing up your unaware brain…
New album: Take Control

13/ ‘Now You’re Gonna Listen’ by DEUX FURIEUSES (London/Glasgow)
This outspoken powerhouse duo demands your attention with razor-sharp panache…
Debut album: Tracks Of Wire

14/ ‘Whirling Eye’ by THE KILLS (UK/US)
Jamie & Alisson alive and kicking again in 2016. Magnetic, swirling and catchy…
New album: Ash & Ice

15/ ‘Cu Cu Cu Cool’ by THE GLÜCKS (Ostend, Belgium)
The mental Bonnie & Clyde of garage trash produce slashing tumult for psychobillies…
Debut album: Youth On Stuff

16/ A-OK by COSMONAUTS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Dazzling firework rock fueled with flashing guitars and vivacious vocals. Smoking punch!
New album: A-OK

17/ ‘Blink Your Eyes’ by BIG BAD ECHO (Brisbane, Australia)
Hypnotizing serpent turning scary and frenzy, slowly but surely. Superb mind fucker!…
Mini-album: It Takes a Big Dog To Weigh a Tonne

18/ ‘Garden Of Love’ by THE LIMINANAS feat. Peter Hook (Perpignan, France)
Garage pop splendor with a sexy French touch & sensual bass lines by a famous friend…
Album: Malamore

19/ ‘Loaded’ by Rich Girls (New York, NY, US)
Gripping sadness to accompany your tears. Gloomy gem Karen O would sell her soul for…
EP: Love Is The Dealer

20/ ‘Intern’ by ANGEL OLSEN (St. Louis, MO, US)
Soul touching electro ballad and one of the most compelling voices in years. Breathtaking!

21/ ‘Flags From The Old Regime’ by PETER DOHERTY (London, UK)
“But I don’t want to die anymore / Any more than I did want to die before” Magnificent!….
Album:  Hamburg Demonstrations

DEUX FURIEUSES – New Single In Aid Of ‘Phone Credit For Refugees’…

Music that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


13 December 2016


British socially dedicated post punk duo DEUX FURIEUSES walk it like they talk it. After contributing one of their songs to a compilation album in aid of HOPE not hate – a charitable trust challenging Hate and trying to build communities of Hope in the UK –    Vas and Ros will release their brand new single TIME TO MOURN/FROM FEAR TO FURY on 20th January to support grass roots charity organisation Phone Credit For Refugees. Time To Mourn and  From Fear To Fury are actually the last two tracks – a compelling unity   of profound emotions – on their splendid debut album Tracks Of Wire dealing with “the journey of refugees but also their own life’s journey as females and musicians in a society that doesn’t value either.” The single is accompanied by a video directed by Dan Donovan which tells the story of a young man forced to flee his country. Here’s daily reality…

“We chose Phone Credit for Refugees after meeting our Labour MP Stella Creasy at a ‘Walthamstow feminist Bootcamp’ and she put us in touch with voluntary aid workers who
knew the group. Their direct aid of phone top ups for refugees worked well with our video’s central theme of mobile phone as a lifeline. This is our way of combatting the rise of the so called Alt-right!”
explained the two committed savages in a press message. All proceeds from the single will go to phone top ups for refugees & displaced people desperate to connect with their families and to access the latest information on open borders and asylum rights.

Time To Mourn/From Fear To Fury is available for pre-order here on Bandcamp

10pdm CD DVD Wallet
DEUX FURIEUSES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

SEVENTEEN KNOCKOUTS – On.Repeat.In.October.2016.


Sixty long minutes of dazzling knockout music
that invaded my sonic bloodstream this month
From loud to moody, slowly but unstoppable
Turn it up! It helps to scare demons & Trumps


Here are the ones responsible for spoiling
my and definitely also your hungry ears…

1/ ‘Disco’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Doom punk boogie to set fire to discotheques …
New album: Glow In The Dark

2/ ‘Cu Cu Cu Cool’ by THE GLÜCKS (Ostend, Belgium)
Garage trash for psychobillies and noise junkies…
Debut album: Youth On Stuff

3/ ‘Hypnotised’ by SLAVES (London, UK)
The two-piece punk army is back to crack your senses…
New album: Take Control

4/ ‘Gonnawanna’ by DEAP VALLY (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Saw them twice in a week. Unstoppable, hot blues rock dynamite…
New album: Femejism

5/ ‘Now You’re Gonna Listen’ by DEUX FURIEUSES (London, UK)
This outspoken powerhouse duo will get your attention, instantly…
Debut album: Tracks Of Wire

6/ ‘Whirling Eye’ by THE KILLS (UK/US)
5th duo in a row! Jamie & Alisson show their mean side again…
New album: Ash & Ice

7/ ‘Zipperface’ by THE POP GROUP (Bristol, UK)
Adrenalized dance shot by the imperishable post punk zombies…
New album: Honeymoon On Mars

8/ ‘Step Up’ by White (Glasgow, Scotland)
Deranged funk madness. Incendiary panache. Big score!…
EP: Cuts That Don’t Bleed

9/ A-Ok by COSMONAUTS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Spacey party rock that will make you scream out loud…
New album: A-OK

10/ ‘Cast The First Stone’ by ELEPHANT STONE (Montreal, Canada)
Rishi Dhir‘s band floating eight miles high. Glorious jam!…
New album: Ship Of Fools

11/ ‘Talent’ by PIXIES (Boston, MA, US)
Black Francis on a roll. Must be a song about Kim...
New album: Head Carrier

12/ ‘Strange Torpedo’ by LUCY DACUS (Richmond, VA, US)
Glowing indie heart driven by an irresistible swagger…
Debut album: No Burden

13/ ‘Garden Of Love’ by THE LIMINANAS feat. Peter Hook (Perpignan, France)
Sensual garage pop brilliance with a sexy French touch…
Album: Malamore

14/ ‘Loaded’ by Rich Girls (New York, NY, US)
My midnight hour injection. A gem Karen O would sell her soul for…
EP: Love Is The Dealer

15/ ‘Sun Going Down’ by MR. AIRPLANE MAN (Boston, MA, US)
Twilight blues passion & the hurt ghost of Janis Joplin
Album: The Lost Tapes

16/ ‘America’ by FOXYGEN (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Spectacular comeback by the LA pair. Three songs in one…

17/ ‘Bird’s Eye’ by FEELS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Moving like an intoxicated snake. Psychedelic slow motion…
New album: Feels

DEUX FURIEUSES – New Track For #MoreInCommon Charity Album…


‘This Is A Red Line’ by DEUX FURIEUSES


After launching their explosive and highly praised debut album Tracks Of Wire last May powerful duo DEUX FURIEUSES are back with a new spirited slam. THIS IS A RED LINE
is an unreleased song recorded during their album sessions with producer Rob Ellis. The band explains what the track’s story is all about: “It was written about the realisation that
the Egyptian girl in the iconic Girl In The Blue Bra witness video still, who was so brutally uncovered, kicked and beaten by security forces, was in fact just like us in her jeans and trainers. No matter what we are wearing or not wearing, underneath we have, to quote Jo
Cox, “so much more in common than that which divides us.”
. Again, Ros and Vas, ventilate their rage about social injustices with a robust stroke. Loud and clear, as we know them…

The track is the band’s contribution to a splendid and inspiring project. #MoreInCommon HOPE not hate is an 88 (!) track compilation album, with many artists involved, in aid of HOPE not hate, a highly commendable charity trust for a modern, inclusive Britain. It will be out on 28th October with pre-order facility (10 tracks to start with) here on Bandcamp. The concept behind that album is to show that however diverse the artists included are musically they all share a common goal which is one for peace and tolerance. Every penny raised goes towards HnH. Small expense for a great cause with great music in return. My copy is reserved.


DEUX FURIEUSES: Website – Facebook – Twitter




Stop looking desperately for the hottest mix for your lust for life street summer BBQ…
Here are 17 irresistible jams that will make the whole neighbourhood going bananas
A steamy melting pot to blow all political clowns on this planet into bloody space…

Terror affects us all in the heart but these 17 slams may help you not getting paralyzed
by the fear. Anyway, turning up the volume & playing this whole shebang loud keeps
me alive and kicking and hoping for the best. Alright now, let’s press that play button…

1/ ‘Tinfoil Deathstar’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY
Good to hear that the hedonistic London anarchists are still alive…
Album: Songs For Our Mothers
Without their straitjackets on

2/ ‘Never Let You Go’ by BUGEYE
Tremendous disco floor killer brilliantly spiced with B-52’s dance craziness…
EP: Never Let You Go
Waiting for Saturday Night Fever…

3/ ‘Whipeout Beat’ by ALAN VEGA
Rest in peace, electro punk pioneer…
Another legend gone…

4/ ‘Cannonball’ by HIDDEN CHARMS
Funky-disco-rock earworm to get you out of your lazy bed in the morning. Sickly catchy…
The Breeders from London…

5/ ‘I’m A Man Too’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS
Gorgeous punk pop firework to shout along at the top of your lungs – hell yeah…
Album: Glow In The Dark
Coolest men I’ve ever seen…

Unstoppable psych steamroller getting stormier with every second – big Liverpool score…
Alfred Hitchcock would have been proud…

7/ ‘All For One’ by THE STONE ROSES
Glorious Madchester call for solidarity – humanity should try it, at least once…
The third coming…

Vicious lunacy groove made in Belgium by the mighty dEUS‘ guitarist…
Album: Black Europe
Godlike genius….

9/ ‘I Wanna Hit’ by TUBELIGHT
Perfectly crushing jam to ventilate your paranoid madness. APOCALYPSE NOW!
Album: Heliosphere
If you recognise any of these unusual suspects call the police at once…

10/ ‘A Lust Unmatched’ by MILLIONAIRE
The nastiest riff ever (FACT!), fabricated in Belgium & produced by Queen Josh Homme….
Album: Paradisiac
Feel good hit of the summer…

11/ ‘Cry Baby’ by CAGE THE ELEPHANT
Highly underrated Kentucky gang flying big time driven by an inflammable rock swagger…
Album: Tell Me I’m Pretty
“Take me to all the way to Belgium, we’re scheduled to play there next month”…

12/ ‘Smile More’ by DEAP VALLY
The cool barbed wire LA ladies are back with a crushing fuck you garage blues anthem…
Album: FEMEJISM (out September 16)
“We believe in blowing minds”…

13/ ‘Fantasy Boys’ by BRONCHO
Captivating psych spiced passion to get completely lost in, on repeat…
Album: Double Vanity
Meet and greet with the fans…

14/ ‘Sangue Neuf’ by MADDONATRON
Phenomenal Arabian sounding post punk havoc from London – unbeatable!…
This is what you get after Madonna had a fight with Ladytron…

15/ ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ by Angel Olsen
No problem, I’ll keep my mouth shut, Angel. See you soon in Belgium for a kiss?…
Album: My Woman (out September 2)
Angel with sharp teeth…

16/ ‘I Want My Life Back’ by DEUX FURIEUSES
Don’t mess with my favorite savages, we bloody need their passionate thunder…
Album: Tracks Of Wire
“Now you’re gonna listen….”

17/ ‘Um Chagga Lagga’ by PIXIES
Daftest ‘what the hell are they’re talking about’ cracker of the summer…
Album: Head Carrier – out 30 September
“Ladies and gents, I still don’t know were my mind is”…

Back in August, folks, for Part Two…