IT IT ANITA – Belgian Noise Turbocharger With 24-Karat Motherrocker ‘DON’T BEND (MY FRIEND)’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

29 July 2023

Single artwork

Who: Insane noiseniks out of Liege, Belgium.

Works: So far they fabricated 3 bonkers LPs Agaaiin (2016),
Laurent (TUTV’s best album of 2018) and last year’s Sauvé.


And number 4 is waiting in the pipeline for a Fall release.
Ahead of it IIA shared new ace single DON’T BEND (MY FRIEND)

It’s a 24-Karat motherrocker that moves and grooves with panache and force climaxing every time the scream-along chorus attacks your speakers. IIA is cut down to a 3-piece for some time now, but their barbed wire and punked-up vitality is still intact on record and on stage (I lost track of how many times I saw this turbocharger playing live, then and now). Bring on the album.

(Photo by TUTV – Charlatan, Ghent)


Since day 1 you make no money
You belong to this “spare-wheel” kinda band
Last minute spot at 3A.M.
Don’t bend! my friend
Sitting in your red van, you back hurts
Do you really think it’s worth it boy ?
Get some sleep, sunglasses on
Don’t bend! my friend
Easier to get beer than food
What you want is a fucking piece of bread
You’re so wasted sleeping on mold
Don’t bend! my friend
Same shitty chorus again and again
“Don’t ask for more ! You’re kidding me boy ?”
“Keep in mind you’re no ticket sellers !”
“You got it now ? You’re no ticket sellers !”

The only thing that matters is pre-sales
It’s not about music, it’s about pre-sales
Tutorials to increase your pre-sales
Don’t bend! my friend

Burn your savings in stupid PR shit
Hug buddies you’ve never really met
Prove on socials you’re the raddest band in town
Don’t bend! my friend

Same dirty scroungers at backstage parties
“Don’t ask for more ! You know I did my best”
“Keep in mind, you’re no ticket sellers”
“Like I said : You’re no ticket sellers”



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